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Click to view larger cover image Artificial Intelligence   Instructor resources
5th Edition  
George Luger   Visit the Instructor Resource Centre
ISBN 0321263189  
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  Abstract Data Types 15.2  
  Farmer-Wolf-Goat-Cabbage Simulation 15.3  
  Depth-First Search 15.4.1  
  Breadth-First Search 15.4.2  
  Best-First Search 15.4.3  
  PROLOG Planner 15.5  
  ExShell (Rule-Based Expert Shell System) 15.7.2  
       Simple ExShell    
       Full ExShell    
       Automotive Diagnostic System in ExShell    
  Version Space Search 15.8.1  
       General To Specific    
       General To Specific Sample Run    
       Specific To General    
       Specific To General Sample Run    
       Candidate Elimination 15.8.2  
       Candidate Elimination Sample Run    
  Explanation-Based Learning 15.8.3  
       Prolog EBG    
       Prolog EBG Goals    
       Cups Example #1    
       Cups Example #2    
       Suicide Example    
       Sample Run    
  Depth-First Search 16.4.1  
  Breadth-First Search #1 16.4.1  
  Breadth-First Search #2 16.4.1  
  Best-First Search 16.4.2  
  Farmer-Wolf-Goat-Cabbage Solution 16.2  
  Farmer-Wolf-Goat-Cabbage Rules Only 16.2  
  Logic Shell 16.8  
       Logic Shell    
       Stream functions 16.8  
       Trees Logic Base    
  Newton's Method 16.14, Ex.1  
  Semantic Network 16.11  
  Unification 16.6  
  Thermostat Simulation (CLOS) 16.12.4  
  Expert System Shell 16.10  
       Expert System Shell    
       Stream Functions    
       Trees Logic Base    
  ID3 Supervised Learning Algorithm 16.13  
       ID3 Algorithm    
       Credit Assessment Example    

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