The classic ALIA series is relaunching with new editions of all key titles over the next year.

Series editors:
Christopher N Candlin, Senior Research Professor, Linguistics Department, Macquarie University, Sydney
David R Hall, Head of Linguistics Department, Macquarie University, Sydney

Applied Linguistics In Action, as its name suggests, is a series which focuses on the issues and challenge to teachers and researchers in a range of fields in Applied Linguistics and provides readers and users with the tools they need to carry out their own practice-related research.

The books in this series provide the reader with clear, up-to-date, accessible and authoritative accounts of their chosen field within Applied Linguistics. Starting from a map of the landscape of the field, each book provides information on its main ideas and concepts, competing issues and unsolved questions. From there, readers can explore a range of practical applications of research into those issues and questions, and then take up the challenge of undertaking their own research, guided by the detailed and explicit research guides provided.

Each book in the series has been carefully designed to be as accessible as possible, with built-in features to enable readers to find what they want quickly and to home in on the key issues and themes that concern them. The structure is to move from practice to theory and back to practice in a cycle of development of understanding of the field in question.

Each of the series authors is an acknowledged authority, able to bring broad knowledge and experience to engage teaachers and researchers in following up their own ideas, working with them to builde further on their experience.

For a complete listing of currently published titles, click here

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