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York Notes Companions

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York Notes Companions
is a brand new series designed exclusively for university students. Each title centres on a key period in literature, providing in-depth analysis of texts, contexts and critical debates. York Notes Companions combine accessibility with academic rigour, placing texts at the heart of every discussion and helping the reader towards a clear understanding of the connections between literature, history and culture.

Focusing on key genres of literature and placing major writers at the forefront of the discussion, each title contains introductory chapters which provide an essential historical and contextual backdrop. Combining stimulating approaches to widely studied texts and writers with discussions of lesser-known examples, each title in the series includes extended commentaries providing in-depth focus for key texts their themes, language and core issues. The books also examine essential critical debates of literary texts across the period with a focus on modern critical theory. Each concludes with a helpful timeline and an annotated guide to further reading.