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Zurich Handbook Series

Zurich Handbook Series

Written by tax experts for professionals and non-professionals alike, the Zurich Handbook Series offers authoritative, accessible advice on how to secure your current and future financial position. The titles in this series, led by the bestselling Tax Handbook, provide guidance to enable you to assess your current financial position and get the most from financial planning.

Having built a strong reputation under its former name of the Allied Dunbar Handbook Series, the series has changed its name to Zurich now that Allied Dunbar is part of the Zurich Financial Services group. Zurich is one of the UK's leading providers of unit linked assurance and pensions.

Zurich Tax Handbook 2013-14
This is an essential annual purchase for anyone involved in taxation, from individuals through to advisers, investors, accountants and tax lawyers. The Zurich Tax Handbook 2013 – 20...