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Physics of Waves, The

Physics of Waves, The

Howard Georgi

Mar 1993, Paperback, 432 pages
ISBN13: 9780136656210
ISBN10: 0136656218
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This text explores and illustrates how wave phenomena arise in any system of coupled linear oscillators with translation invariance and local interactions.

1. Harmonic Oscillation.

2. Damping, Forced Oscillations and Resonance.

3. Normal Modes.

4. Symmetries.

5. Waves.

6. The Continuum Limit and Fourier Series.

7. Longitudinal Oscillations and Sound.

8. Traveling Waves.

9. The Boundary at .

10. Signals and Fourier Analysis.

11. Two and Three Dimensions.

12. Polarization.

13. Diffraction.

Appendix A: The Programs.

Appendix B: The Solutions.


  • begins with the single harmonic oscillator and proceeds through standing wave normal modes in more and more interesting systems.
  • provides examples of waves phenomena chosen from familiar waves (e.g., in ropes and air and electromagnetic fields), but develops the mathematics of waves in a way that can be directly applied to quantum mechanics.
  • features an accompanying disk with computer animations of various wave phenomena for the IBM.
  • if you are a Professor and would like to request animations from Dr. Georgi, please e-mail him at