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Mathematics for the Biological Sciences

Mathematics for the Biological Sciences

Jagdish Arya, Robin Lardner

Jan 1979, Hardback, 736 pages
ISBN13: 9780135624395
ISBN10: 0135624398
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This volume reviews differential and integral calculus for functions of one variable, differential calculus for several variables, differential equations, probability, difference equations, and matrices -- all with special emphasis on applications in the life sciences.

1. Functions.

2. The Derivative.

3. Exponential and Logarithm Functions.

4. Applications of Derivatives.

5. Trigonometric Functions.

6. Integration.

7. The Definite Integral.

8. Probability.

9. Functions of Several Variables.

10. Differential Equations.

11. Difference Equations.

12. Vectors and Matrices.


  • covers a broad range of examples from the biological and medical sciences.
  • focuses on the use of theorems to solve problems, rather than on the mechanics of proving theorems.
  • includes sections on model-building to help readers apply mathematics to problems in the biological sciences.
  • outlines a step-by-step procedures for solving "word problems."
  • features many worked examples -- both purely algebraic and biological.
  • presents rules for differentiation in verbal form.
  • provides an introductory pre-calculus review chapter.