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What's Your Competitive Advantage?

What's Your Competitive Advantage?

7 strategies for running a more profitable business in a complex world

Cliff Bowman, Paul Raspin

Dec 2018, Paperback, 336 pages
ISBN13: 9781292259390
ISBN10: 1292259396
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This business book is great for leaders, middle managers and entrepreneurs interested in the following categories;


“An insightful guide to strategic management, with useful and original development of the role of assets and capabilities in enterprise growth and performance.”

David J. Teece, Thomas W. Tusher professor in global business at Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, USA

"Disruption is a double-edged sword and this book helps firms understand how their competitive strategy, people and change processes can be adapted to disrupt before they are disrupted."
Michael Burke, CEO Talent, Reward & Performance at AON

“In a period when the economic and political environments are characterised by near-permanent revolution and upheaval, strategies which accommodate uncertainty and changeability are at a premium. The seven strategies presented in this book do exactly that”

Paul Thompson, Global Head of Client Relationships, HSBC

“A truly insightful perspective from experts in the field. This book combines intellect and emotional intelligence to challenge the traditional way organizations think, providing a clear framework for identifying and achieving competitive advantage.”

Penelope Biggs, Chief Strategy Officer, Northern Trust Corporate & Institutional Services

“What’s Your Competitive Advantage” offers a way to work with the realities of a complex world and the changing needs of your business.

We live in a complex world, no-one can predict the future and we can’t anticipate the ultimate impact of any actions we take. These realities make the task of successfully leading a business incredibly challenging.

What’s Your Competitive Advantage? offers a way to work with the realities of a complex world and the changing needs of your business. No-one can predict the future and we can’t predict the ultimate effect of any actions we take. What’s your Competitive Advantage? sets out an approach to managing change that reflects this complex reality. Built on insights from research into value creation and complex systems the book explains seven value creating strategies and the practices and change processes they require. Each play has an associated set of capabilities which deliver customer value efficiently:

  • SPECIALIZATION - choose to focus on a single product or product group and compete through superior product performance.
  • ADAPTIVE - increase the system’s ability to respond to changing circumstances, particularly to
  • changing customer needs.
  • LOW COST - Deliver equivalent product quality compared to competitors but with a continual and
  • relentless focus on cost reduction
  • INNOVATION - Competing through product innovations.
  • EXCELLENCE - Continuous incremental improvement of product or service quality
  • NO-FRILLS - Serve price sensitive customers with a stripped down alternative product or service.
  • TARGETING - Focus on a specific market segment and serve the needs of these customers more effectively than less targeted rivals.

Built on insights from research into economics, strategy, organization theory and complexity science, you’ll discover a practical approach to creating value for your business in turbulent times, with advice on how to enable these plays with the structures, systems and culture of your business.

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Cliff Bowman is Professor of Strategic Management at Cranfield School of Management, UK. He previously held the post of Dean of the School of Management and Director of Graduate Programmes, and is a past Chairman of the European Case Clearing House. Cliff has also been a non-executive director for Institute of Physics Publishing Ltd. Bowman’s ‘Strategy Clock’ which emerged from his PhD is a widely use tool for analysing the competitive positioning of products.

Paul Raspin completed a PhD in Strategy Management at Cranfield School of Management in 2004. He established Stratevolve, a strategy consultancy in 2001, which works with executives and senior management teams to develop effective business strategies, resolve complex business issues, and develop strategic investment options. Paul is also a visiting senior fellow at Cass Business School where he delivers strategy and finance courses to Executive MBA students.