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E-Commerce 2018, Global Edition

E-Commerce 2018, Global Edition

14th Edition

Kenneth Laudon, Carol Traver

Jul 2018, Paperback, 912 pages
ISBN13: 9781292251707
ISBN10: 1292251700
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For courses in e-commerce.

An in-depth look into the evolving field of e-commerce

E-commerce 2018: business. technology. society provides students with a deep dive into the field of e-commerce. Authors Laudon and Traver focus on the most important concepts, terms, and empirical data to help give a comprehensive introduction to this constantly changing field. The textbook uses thought-provoking content and relevant references to teach students about how e-commerce is shifting the global economy. The authors reference big companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and more to relate to readers. The 14th Edition features all new or updated opening, closing, and “Insight on” cases. Additionally, a new careers section has been added to the end of each chapter to help students prepare for corporate, working life.

1. Introduction to E-commerce

2. E-commerce Infrastructure

3. Building an E-commerce Presence

4. E-commerce Security and Payment Systems

5. E-commerce Business Strategies

6. E-commerce Marketing and Advertising Concepts

7. Social, Mobile, and Local Marketing

8. Ethics, Law, and E-commerce

9. Online Media

10. Online Communities

11. E-commerce Retailing and Services

12. B2B E-commerce

Highlights the themes and importance of the changing industry of e-commerce

  • Updated - The content introduces readers to the industry and emphasizes three major driving forces behind e-commerce: business development and strategy, technological innovations, and social controversies and impacts.
  • New - The textbook adds a new section on social, mobile, and local marketing to reflect the increased focus on these key platforms in the industry.
  • Each chapter contains three real-­world “Insight On” cases — illustrating the themes of technology, business, and society — and takes a deep look at relevant topics to help describe and analyze the full breadth of the field of e-commerce.

Provides students with real-life scenarios and references to help comprehension

  • New - This edition contains an added section in each chapter on careers in e-commerce. It explains job postings for real companies and highlights how students can prepare for applications and interviews.
  • Updated - This version reflects the ever-changing industry of e-commerce with updated references and examples of real-life companies and developments.
  • Updated - Each chapter concludes with a robust case study, based on a real-world organization, to help synthesize chapter concepts.

Encourages students to continue learning and using critical thinking

  • The end of each chapter has a number of projects that encourage students to apply chapter concepts and to use higher-level evaluation skills.
  • Updated - The text has web resources that can extend students’ knowledge of each chapter with additional projects, exercises, essays, and tutorials.
  • Chapters have thought-provoking review questions that prompt students to demonstrate understanding and apply chapter learnings to solve problems.