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The Speaker's Coach

The Speaker's Coach

60 secrets to make your talk, speech or presentation amazing

Graham Shaw

Feb 2019, Paperback, 272 pages
ISBN13: 9781292250946
ISBN10: 1292250941
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This business book is great for leaders, middle managers and entrepreneurs interested in the following categories;


"There is no single set formula to giving a great talk. However, in this book you will find compelling insights and practical guidance to help you discover the way that's right for you." Chris Anderson, Head of TED.

Does the idea of public speaking leave you in a cold sweat?

The Speaker's Coach is the answer to all your worries. Whether you’ve got a talk, speech or presentation to do, this book will give you the confidence to do it with style.

With 66 short sections learning how to communicate will be easy. You can read the night before, the morning of, or just before your talk to help you prepare, perform and speak confidently in no time.

Written by a leading presentation expert whose own TEDx talk has been viewed over 23 million times, Graham Shaw knows the answers to all the essential questions that you might have so you can:

  • Overcome your nerves, rehearse and polish your performance

  • Plan engaging talks that boost your personal presence and impact

  • Talk with authority, confidence and impact

  • Handle awkward questions calmly and finish on a high

  • Learn from experience to make future talks even better

Make public speaking look effortless with the help of The Speaker’s Coach.

Happy Reading, please do share your thoughts with us

Graham Shaw is a speaker coach and professional conference speaker. He specialises in advanced communication skills and has helped thousands of people to develop the professional skills required to make convincing presentations. Many directors and managers required to make important speeches and conference presentations have benefited from Graham’s coaching. In particular he coaches people to enhance their personal presence and impact. He is a coach to TEDx speakers at TEDx Vienna 2017.