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Grokking Bitcoin

Grokking Bitcoin

Kalle Rosenbaum

May 2019, Paperback
ISBN13: 9781617294648
ISBN10: 1617294640
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The modern world turns on universally-accepted ideas of currency and ownership. Bitcoin, and its underlying technology, offer the potential to move control of these key institutions from change-prone governments to a secure storage system that independently records value and ownership in a distributed public ledger called "the blockchain."

Grokking Bitcoin opens up this powerful distributed ledger system, exploring the technology that enables applications both for Bitcoinbased financial transactions and using the blockchain for registering physical property ownership.

Key features

· Jargon-free

· Step-by-step guide

· Real-world examples


This book provides a jargon-free introduction to Bitcoin for any technically interested reader. Some chapters address technical concepts that require basic knowledge of networking and programming.

About the technology

Bitcoin is an electronic cash system. It allows for people to move bitcoins, the currency of Bitcoin, between each other without using a bank or any other trusted third party.

Kalle Rosenbaum founded Popeller, a Bitcoin consultancy, in 2015. Kalle provides expert software development services, advice, and education around Bitcoin.