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Amazon Web Services in Action, 2E

Amazon Web Services in Action, 2E

2nd Edition

Michael Wittig, Andreas Wittig

Sep 2018, Paperback
ISBN13: 9781617295119
ISBN10: 1617295116
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Fully updated to include the latest revisions and updates to AWS; this new edition also offers three new chapters covering the latest additions to the AWS platform: serverless infrastructure automation with AWS Lambda, sharing data volumes between machines with EFS, and caching data in memory with ElastiCache!

Amazon Web Services in Action, Second Edition is a comprehensive introduction to computing, storing, and networking in the AWS cloud. Readers will find clear, relevant coverage of all the essential AWS services they need to know, emphasizing best practices for security, high availability and scalability.

Key features

· Hands-on guide

· Practical examples

· Step-by-step instructions


Written for developers and DevOps engineers moving distributed applications to the AWS platform.

About the technology

AWS is known as a cloud computing platform. Cloud computing, or the cloud, is a metaphor for supply and consumption of IT resources. The IT resources in the cloud aren’t directly visible to the user; there are layers of abstraction in between.

Andreas Wittig and Michael Wittig are software engineers and consultants focused on AWS and web development. They migrated the first bank in Germany to AWS along with other heavily regulated businesses with legacy applications.