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Linux in Action

Linux in Action

David Clinton

Aug 2018, Paperback
ISBN13: 9781617294938
ISBN10: 1617294934
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The Linux operating system powers millions of web servers, data centers, and application platforms worldwide. Whether you're pushing applications to a cloud system like AWS, building a twitter bot on a Raspberry Pi, or rescuing files from a crashed laptop, Linux is required knowledge.

Linux in Action is a task-based tutorial that will give readers the skills and deep understanding they'll need to administer a Linux-based system.

Key features

· Hands-on guide

· Step-by-step examples

· Task-based


Readers should be comfortable working with the files, networks, and basic resources of a modern operating system.

About the technology

Linux makes it possible to do all kinds of really useful and creative things. For instance, you can load a Linux "live boot" image on a USB stick, boot a PC whose own hard disk has been corrupted, and troubleshoot and fix the problem.

David Clinton is a Linux Server Professional with a long history of teaching IT subjects. He is the author of the Practical LPIC-1 Linux Certification Study Guide and Manning's popular Learn Amazon Web Services in a Month of Lunches.