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Microsoft Azure Security Center

Microsoft Azure Security Center

Yuri Diogenes, Tom Shinder

Sep 2018, Paperback, 192 pages
ISBN13: 9781509307036
ISBN10: 1509307036
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Discover high-value Azure security insights, tips, and operational optimizations

This book presents comprehensive Azure Security Center techniques for safeguarding cloud and hybrid environments. Leading Microsoft security and cloud experts Yuri Diogenes and Dr. Thomas Shinder show how to apply Azure Security Center’s full spectrum of features and capabilities to address protection, detection, and response in key operational scenarios. You’ll learn how to secure any Azure workload, and optimize virtually all facets of modern security, from policies and identity to incident response and risk management. Whatever your role in Azure security, you’ll learn how to save hours, days, or even weeks by solving problems in most efficient, reliable ways possible.

Two of Microsoft’s leading cloud security experts show how to:

• Assess the impact of cloud and hybrid environments on security, compliance, operations, data protection, and risk management

• Master a new security paradigm for a world without traditional perimeters

• Gain visibility and control to secure compute, network, storage, and application workloads

• Incorporate Azure Security Center into your security operations center

• Integrate Azure Security Center with Azure AD Identity Protection Center and third-party solutions

• Adapt Azure Security Center’s built-in policies and definitions for your organization

• Perform security assessments and implement Azure Security Center recommendations

• Use incident response features to detect, investigate, and address threats

• Create high-fidelity fusion alerts to focus attention on your most urgent security issues

• Implement application whitelisting and just-in-time VM access

• Monitor user behavior and access, and investigate compromised or misused credentials

• Customize and perform operating system security baseline assessments

• Leverage integrated threat intelligence to identify known bad actors

Chapter 1: Threat Landscape

Chapter 2: Introduction to Azure Security Center

Chapter 3: Policy Management

Chapter 4: Mitigating Security Issues

Chapter 5: Using Security Center for Incident Response

Chapter 6: Advanced Cloud Defense

Chapter 7: Security incident and event management (SIEM) integration with Splunk

Chapter 8: Monitoring Identity and Access

Chapter 9: Using Threat Intelligence to Identity Security Issues

Appendix A: Using multiple workspaces in Security Center

Appendix B: Customizing your Operating System Security Baseline Assessment

Yuri DiogenesWith a master of science in cybersecurity intelligence and forensics investigation

(UTICA College), Yuri is senior program manager in Microsoft CxP Security Team,

where he primarily helps customers onboard and incorporate Azure Security Center

as part of their security operations/incident response. Yuri has been working for

Microsoft since 2006 in different positions, including five years as senior support escalation

engineer in CSS Forefront Edge Team, and from 2011 to 2017 in the content

development team, where he also helped create the Azure Security Center content

experience since its launch in 2016. Yuri has published a total of 20 books, mostly

around information security and Microsoft technologies. Yuri also holds an MBA

and many IT/Security industry certifications, such as CISSP, E|CND, E|CEH, E|CSA,

E|CHFI, CompTIA Security+, CySA+, Cloud Essentials Certified, Mobility+, Network+,

CASP, CyberSec First Responder, MCSE, and MCTS. You can follow Yuri on Twitter at

@yuridiogenes or read his articles at his personal blog:

Dr. Thomas Shinder is a cloud security program manager in Azure Security Engineering.

He is responsible for security technical content and education, customer engagements,

and competitive analysis. He has presented at many of the largest security

industry conferences on topics related to both on-premises and public cloud security

and architecture. Tom earned a bachelor’s degree in neuropsychobiology from

the University of California, Berkeley, and an MD from the University of Illinois,

Chicago. He was a practicing neurologist prior to changing careers in the 1990s. He

has written over 30 books on OS, network, and cloud security, including Microsoft

Azure Security Infrastructure and Microsoft Azure Security Center (IT Best Practices

series, Microsoft Press). Tom can be found hugging his Azure console when he’s not

busy hiding his keys and secrets in Azure Key Vault.