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Student Planner and University Diary 2019-2020

Student Planner and University Diary 2019-2020

Jonathan Weyers, Kathleen McMillan

May 2019, Spiralbound, 270 pages
ISBN13: 9781292276595
ISBN10: 1292276592
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An indispensable university planner for students. This combined student planner and academic diary contains everything you need for University life including 2019/20 diary pages to ensure you never miss an event, meeting or social must-do. Study planner templates will help you stay on top of coursework deadlines, revision timetables, and exams. A practical personal finances guide, “to-do” lists that make up student life, notes pages and a whole heap of useful study skills hints and tips from the authors of the Study Skills series are also included.

New features for our 2019-20 Student Planner includes:

  • How University Works - Fantastic for freshers and those students needing an outline of how the University year, schools and faculties are structured, along with the names of key university staff members.

  • Your university course - a dedicated area to record your module details,and results

  • Using source material responsibly – guidance on plagiarism, paraphrasing, citing and referencing your work.

  • Added Colour as recommended by our student panel to encourage quick and easy navigation

Along with all the fantastic features you can usually come to expect from our University planner and academic diary such as;

  • A first weekUniversity checklist. To ensure your academic year starts without a hitch.
  • An easy to reference planner, for each study period of the academic year.

  • Monthly planner and 'to do' lists. A handy overview of any key events, enabling you to plan and remember those important assignment deadlines, tutorials and social events.

  • Week-to-view academic diary. Designed to help you organise your week.

  • Monthly and weekly study skills. Tips to help you be proactive and effective in your learning activities, ensuring you produce work that meets high standards.

This planner and academic diary is ideal for students of all levels and subject areas in further and higher education.


Why plan?

How to plan and schedule effectively

Calendar: July 2019–August 2020

Public holidays and notable dates 2019–20

How university works

Your university’s key dates

Key university services and locations

Living at university – essential information

First week checklist – all students

Organising yourself – preparation checklist

First week checklist – all students: essential arrangements

First week checklist – for freshers and students transferring from other institutions

Key to monthly tips

Academic diary: 2019–20

Planning resources: developing your organisational and study skills


1 Planning for going to or returning to university

2 Planning your studies

3 Planning and reviewing coursework assignments

4 Using source material responsibly: plagiarism, citation and referencing,

5 Planning for exams

6 Personal development planning (PDP)

7 Resources for effective presentation of your work

Semester/term planner timetable