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Law of Tort

Law of Tort

14th Edition

John Cooke

Apr 2019, Paperback, 728 pages
ISBN13: 9781292251363
ISBN10: 1292251360
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Renowned for its excellent case law coverage and student-friendly approach, this 14th edition of Law of Tort offers a comprehensive, clear and straightforward account of the law, making it a must-read for LLB or GDL students.

Part 1 General principles of tort law

 1 General principles

Part 2 The tort of negligence

 2 General principles of negligence

 3 Duty of care

 4 Psychiatric damage

 5 Economic loss

 6 Liability for omissions and third parties

 7 Liability of public authorities

 8 Breach of duty and proof of negligence

 9 Causation and remoteness of damage

10 Defences to negligence

Part 3 Specific areas of negligence and breach of statutory duty

11 Defective premises

12 Defective products

13 Breach of statutory duty

14 Employer’s liability

15 Medical negligence and related issues

Part 4 Torts based on land

16 Trespass to land

17 Nuisance

18 Rylands v Fletcher and liability for fire

Part 5 Miscellaneous torts

19 Trespass to the person

20 Defamation and malicious falsehood

21 Privacy – Tort of misuse of private information

Part 6 Parties, defences and remedies

22 Vicarious liability

23 Limitation

24 General defences

25 Remedies

Glossary of terms


  • Combines a student-friendly approach with thorough coverage of the black letter principles and case law necessary for core tort law modules on the LLB and GDL.
  • Important tort law cases are highlighted throughout via dedicated case boxes which explicitly highlight the facts, ruling and significance of each case discussed, supported by extracts from judgments where appropriate.
  • ‘Thinking points’ embedded throughout each chapter highlight the key debates and controversies in the subject helping you to think critically about the legal principles discussed
  • Chapter summaries are included at the end of all chapters to highlight key points.
  • Diagrams are included throughout to illustrate complex concepts
  • Free access to a companion website with additional resources to support your study is available at

John Cooke was formerly Professor of Common Law at Liverpool John Moores University. He has over thirty years of teaching experience and has lectured, researched and written widely in the areas of obligations, media law and medical law.