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Learn PowerShell Scripting in a Month of Lunches

Learn PowerShell Scripting in a Month of Lunches

Don Jones, Jeffrey Hicks

Dec 2017, Paperback, 352 pages
ISBN13: 9781617295096
ISBN10: 1617295094
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PowerShell is both a scripting language and an administrative shell that lets users control and manage nearly every aspect of Windows, from Azure to SharePoint. It's also a great platform for building reusable tools and utilities that make everyday administration faster and easier.

Inside, readers discover how scripting is different from command-line PowerShell, as they explore concrete hands-on examples. This book includes and expands on many of the techniques presented in Learn PowerShell Toolmaking in a Month of Lunches.

Key features

• A crash course in PowerShell Scripting

• Hands-on examples

• Real-world practices

Written for developers and administrators comfortable with PowerShell as a command-line interface and familiar with Windows administration in general.

PowerShell has a strong ability to create highly reusable, context-independent tools, which it refers to as commands. A command might not be terribly useful by itself, but PowerShell is designed to make it easy to “snap” commands together.

Don Jones is a PowerShell MVP, speaker, and trainer who has written dozens of books on information technology topics.

Jeffery Hicks is a PowerShell MVP and an independent consultant, trainer, and author.

Don and Jeff co-authored Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches and PowerShell in Depth.