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Adobe Master Class

Adobe Master Class

Advanced Compositing in Adobe Photoshop CC: Bringing the Impossible to Reality -- with Bret Malley
2nd Edition

Bret Malley

Dec 2017, Paperback, 448 pages
ISBN13: 9780134780108
ISBN10: 0134780108
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In Adobe Master Class: Advanced Compositing in Photoshop, Second Edition, Bret Malley helps you create stunning imagery with the newest versions of Photoshop, and take your compositing skills beyond anything you’ve ever imagined -- even if you’re already an experienced Photoshop user!

Malley offers an exceptionally strong grounding in Photoshop’s most powerful tools and techniques for seamlessly combining images. You’ll learn through behind-the-scenes tutorials based on examples from his amazing portfolio, and guest images (with interviews) from critically acclaimed artists.

This Second Edition fully reflects Photoshop’s major compositing improvements since mid-2014, when the First Edition was published. You’ll find expert coverage of Select and Mask, compositing images created with cellphone cameras, streamlining workflows by leveraging phone and camera Wi-Fi links, compositing images captured in RAW, and much more.

Malley begins with a brush-up on basic layering and image combination techniques, and offers expert advice on taking photos that are well-suited to compositing. He offers valuable words of wisdom on camera settings, lighting, color theory, image composition, and perspective.

Next, he presents a series of Photoshop exercises that walk you throughout blending layers seamlessly, creating atmosphere, artfully distorting shapes, working with textures, and more. Through hands-on projects, you’ll learn to create vivid images of imaginary worlds, often by layering and skillfully blending dozens -- or even hundreds -- of images.

From your first planning sketches to your final finishing touches, this entertaining book will help you push your abilities and make images of breathtaking creativity.

Section I: Basics

Chapter 1 Get Oriented

Chapter 2 Hidden Basics

Chapter 3 Layers and Photoshop Muscle

Chapter 4 Favorite Adjustment Layers and Filters

Chapter 5 Photography and Compositing

Section II: Tutorials

Chapter 6 Prep and Organize Four Projects

Chapter 7 Making a Super Composite

Chapter 8 Blending Fire

Chapter 9 Atmosphere, Grit, and Demolition

Chapter 10 Fantasy Worlds from Everyday Images

Section III: Inspiration

Chapter 11 Mastering Elemental Textures

Chapter 12 Put Daddy Down, Please!

Chapter 13 Big Store, Big Scenery

Chapter 14 The Hunt

Chapter 15 Family Portrait Magic

Chapter 16 Epic Fantasy Landscapes

  • Provides solid grounding in tools and techniques for seamlessly combining images in Adobe Photoshop
  • Includes behind-the-scene tutorials for building outstanding images based on examples from the artist’s portfolio, as well as guest images (and interviews) from critically acclaimed artists
  • Author is an award-winning photographer, Photoshop artist, and instructor

Bret Malley is an educator, professional photographer, author, and Adobe Photoshop expert specializing in imaginative, surreal, epic, and often magic-enhanced image creation. As a professor of Visual Communications he teaches a range of classes including photography, design, and Photoshop. With an MFA in Computer Art from Syracuse University, Bret is a regular guest expert on Photobacks TV and also speaks at national live events as well as teaching online classes (through CreativeLive and Craftsy). When he is not teaching, leading international photography tours, creating personal works, or adventuring around Oregon with his wife and son, Bret squeezes in commercial work across the U.S. See more of Bret’s work at