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NET Core in Action

NET Core in Action

Dustin Metzgar

Sep 2018, Paperback, 350 pages
ISBN13: 9781617294273
ISBN10: 1617294276
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.NET Core is a subset of the .NET framework with libraries and runtimes that drastically reduce its footprint, so you can write and run .NET applications more efficiently.

.NET Core in Action shows .NET developers how to build professional software applications with .NET Core. By the end of this book, readers will be able to convert existing .NET code to work on multiple platforms or start new projects with knowledge of the tools and capabilities of .NET Core.

Key features

• Step-by-step guide

• Straightforward introduction

• Explains how to use the tools

• Covers advanced topics


This book is for developers who are familiar with a C-like language.

About the Technology

The .NET Framework ships as one whole product while Core is broken up into pieces. Developers can now choose which version of a library they want to use, as long as it’s outside the .NET Standard Library, and .NET Core teams can innovate with less difficulty.

Dustin Metzgar has developed software professionally for 13 years. He has worked for many companies from startups to large enterprises before joining Microsoft. He specializes in performance in both .NET and Azure services and participated in a number of .NET Core projects. Dustin owns several products, including the Windows Workflow Foundation.