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Reactive Application Development

Reactive Application Development

Duncan K DeVore, Sean Walsh, Brian Hanafee

Sep 2018, Paperback, 400 pages
ISBN13: 9781617292460
ISBN10: 161729246X
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The traditional patterns and practices for enterprise application development simply can't deliver the millisecond response times and near-perfect reliability these systems require. Reactive applications meet these demands by employing a loosely-coupled system of independent, isolated components that communicate via asynchronous message passing.

Reactive Application Development teaches readers how to build reactive applications using the Typesafe stack. Along the way, they'll learn how to build distributed domain models for reactive applications and clustered actor systems for elasticity and resilience, as well as how to integrate reactive systems with traditional architectures.

Key features

• Introduction to Reactive Applications

• Step-by-step guide

• Hands-on guide to building your own applications


Readers should have some familiarity with traditional distributed application architecture and be comfortable reading Java and Scala code.

About the Technology

A Reactive Application is constructed from the beginning to react to load, react to failure and react to users. This is achieved by the underlying notion of reacting to messages.

Duncan DeVore works at Typesafe, is a committer on the original eventsourced project that became Akka Persistence, and maintains the Akka

Persistence Mongo Plugin.

Sean Walsh is CEO of and a seasoned architect with deep expertise in the Typesafe stack. He consults and evangelizes about reactive architectures. Together, Duncan and Sean deployed one of the first large scale Reactive applications to production.

Brian Hanafee is a Principal Systems Architect at a large financial institution, with experience building reliable and secure web-based applications and backing services for millions of customers.