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Technology In Action Complete, Global Edition

Technology In Action Complete, Global Edition

14th Edition

Alan Evans, Kendall Martin, Mary Poatsy

Jun 2018, Book with access code, 648 pages
ISBN13: 9781292236902
ISBN10: 1292236906
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For introductory courses in computer concepts, digital literacy, or computer literacy, often including instruction in Microsoft Office.

Explore, discover, and experience technology with the interactive and adaptive Technology in Action—the book that uses technology to teach technology! This book offers a learning system that pushes the envelope of what is possible in technology, and what is helpful in teaching. Although students are more comfortable with the digital environment than ever, their knowledge of the devices they use every day is still limited. The authors focus on tasks that students can accomplish with their devices, and skills they can apply immediately in the workplace, the classroom, and at home. This book fits the way students are learning today.

1. Using Technology to Change the World

2. Looking at Computers: Understanding the Parts

3. Using the Internet: Making the Most of the Web’s Resources

4. Application Software: Programs That Let You Work and Play

5. System Software: The Operating System, Utility Programs, and File Management

6. Understanding and Assessing Hardware: Evaluating Your System

7. Networking: Connecting Computing Devices

8. Managing a Digital Lifestyle: Media and Ethics

9. Securing Your System: Protecting Your Digital Data and Devices

10. Behind the Scenes: Software Programming

11. Behind the Scenes: Databases and Information Systems

12. Behind the Scenes: Networking and Security in the Business World

13. Behind the Scenes: How the Internet Works

Appendix A. The History of the Personal Computer

Appendix B. Careers in IT

This title is a Pearson Global Edition. The Editorial team at Pearson has worked closely with educators around the world to include content which is especially relevant to students outside the United States.

Technology in Action, 14th Edition is a timely and essential update to this best-selling computer concepts text. Focusing on the topics and skills students need to be digitally literate, Technology in Action engages students with practical content and hands-on interactive simulations and lessons.

Highlights of what’s new in the 14th Edition

· Single column design, providing a more open and linear flow to improve comprehension and understanding.

· Updated and reorganized content for a more connected approach to key topics.

o Reorganized Technology in Focus sections Under the Hood and Ethics in IT have been integrated into relevant chapters, while History of Computers and Careers in IT were moved to the appendices.

· Broader coverage of ethics throughout the book.

· Engaging History of Computing video linked in Chapter 2.

· Newly redesigned Sound Bytes provide easier interface, updated content, and three completely new lessons.

· New infographics provide graphical view of important data.

Hallmark features of the book

· The learning approach fits the way students are learning today. Instead of a history lesson on the microchip, the authors focus on tasks that students can accomplish with their devices, and skills they can apply immediately in the workplace, the classroom, and at home. Students stay engaged because the content covers material they want to learn (e.g., how to integrate devices into a home network), while teaching the material they need to learn (e.g., how networks work).

o Learning outcomes and objectives are a more prominent part of the chapter design. These are listed in the chapter opener, throughout the text, and in the summary, so students can stay focused on what they need to learn.

· Hands-on practice and simulations allow students to reinforce understanding. These appear in every chapter and are suitable for homework or class usage.

o Try This hands-on projects lead students to explore a specific computing feature. Students can practice what they are learning and demonstrate proficiency with important topics.

o Make This! projects address the hot area of mobile app creation. Each chapter includes activities where student build programs that run on their mobile devices. Most of the chapters use App Inventor to build Android™ apps that can be installed on any Android device. Even without an Android device, students can use the emulator and start creating. By the end of the course they will have built 11 small apps. Each project includes instructions and a how-to video.

o Solve This! projects put the concepts into action through real-world problem solving using Microsoft® Word, Access®, and Excel®.

· Special features provide additional information and learning opportunities throughout the text.

o How Cool is This? timely and fun tech topics with QR codes printed in the book let students “try” technology as they learn.

o Dig Deeper offers detailed coverage of technical topics challenge more advanced students.

o Bits and Bytes offer helpful tips about computer usage and maintenance.

o Trends in IT features current content with a focus on new and emerging technologies, computers in society, careers in computing, and ethical considerations.

o Behind the Scenes shows in-depth coverage of additional topics that take students to the next level of understanding.

o Try This Projects let students try what they’ve been learning in a hands-on, step-by-step activity.

· Review and self-check resources keep learning on track.

o Check Your Understanding Quizzes Parts 1 and 2 provide a self-check, covering objectives in each part of the chapter so students can see how well they are learning the content.

· Comprehensive end-of-chapter material gives students the practice they need and lets instructors assess and measure performance.

o Multiple Choice and True/False questions provide additional reinforcement and review for students.

o Making the Transition to the Next Semester and the Workplace: Developed to give students mini- projects and assignments, this feature helps them apply computer concepts to real-world situations. (Online)

o Ethics Projects get students thinking about ethical issues and figuring out how to research and address them.

o Team Time helps students explore pertinent computer issues while collaborating with their peers.

o Chapter Parts provide easier navigation and give students a mid-point review opportunity using the Check Your Understanding section.

o Assessment tools let instructors check that students understand the material.

§ Chapter Quiz provides a way for students to check that they have learned the material from the entire chapter.

§ Critical Thinking Questions require that students demonstrate their understanding through written answers that are manually graded.

Testbank Exams provide customizable, pre-built, objective-based questions covering the chapter objectives