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Connecting Networks v6 Companion Guide

Connecting Networks v6 Companion Guide

Cisco Networking Academy

Sep 2017, Hardback, 512 pages
ISBN13: 9781587134326
ISBN10: 1587134322
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Companion Guides are portable references designed to reinforce online course material, helping students enrolled in a Cisco Networking Academy course of the same name focus on important concepts and organize their study time for quizzes and exams. Pedagogy has been added to enhance comprehension and retention.

A Companion Guide (CG) is the full-featured textbook that supports a Cisco Networking Academy course. The chapter content aligns 1:1 to the online course topics, but not necessarily word-for-word. The features of the textbook are designed to reinforce the course material and enhance student comprehension and retention of the course topics. As a portable learning tool, the CG is intended to help students focus on important concepts, organize their study time for quizzes and exams, and serve as a future reference resource. The CG serves as an additional instructional tool for the instructor to assign take-home reading or vocabulary homework to better prepare the students for in-class lab work and discussions.

v5 Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Hierarchical Network Designs

Chapter 2: Connecting the WAN

Chapter 3: Point-to-Point Connections

Chapter 4: Frame Relay

Chapter 5: Network Address Translation for IPv4

Chapter 6: Broadband Solutions

Chapter 7: Securing Site-to-Site Connectivity

Chapter 8: Monitoring the Network

Chapter 9: Troubleshooting the Network

  • Portable desk reference for take-home sutdy and reference anytime, anywhere
  • Aligns to the online course chapters
  • Book-based pedagogy that serves as additional reinforcement in helping you learn the topics covered in the course

Cisco Networking Academy is an innovative Cisco education initiative that delivers information and communication technology skills to improve career and economic opportunities around the world. The Academy provides online courses, interactive tools, and lab activities to prepare individuals for information technology and networking careers in virtually every industry.