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JavaScript on Things

JavaScript on Things

Lyza Danger Gardner

Feb 2018, Paperback, 350 pages
ISBN13: 9781617293863
ISBN10: 1617293865
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JavaScript can be used to control hordes of small robots, creative maker projects, and IoT devices. With the Node.js ecosystem at hand, hardware prototyping gets fun, intuitive and fast.

JavaScript on Things is the first step into the exciting world of programming for small electronics. This fully-illustrated, hands-on book teaches readers how to get going with platforms like Arduino, Tessel, and Raspberry Pi.

Key Features:

· Fully illustrated

· Hands-on teaching style

· Step-by-step instructions

Written for readers with intermediate JavaScript and Node.js skills. No experience with embedded systems or robotics required.

About the Technology:

There are lots of web developers who have a solid grasp of software but haven't ever worked with hardware. This gap is starting to be filled by an assortment of approaches that use the common programming language of the Web, JavaScript.