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Usability Matters

Usability Matters

Mobile-first UX for developers and other accidental designers

Matt Lacey

Sep 2018, Paperback, 325 pages
ISBN13: 9781617293931
ISBN10: 1617293938
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Mobile apps are a big part of people’s lives, with apps for just about
anything. An app's UX can help it stand out and be the key to its
success. But often, developers find UX intimidating and don’t know
where to begin.

Usability Matters gives app developers practical advice and guidance
on how to improve the UX of their mobile apps on any platform. After
they read this book from cover to cover, they’ll find themselves
reaching for it again and again as a reference each time they develop a
new app.

• Practical advice and guidance
• Provides theory and background on the technology
• Hands-on teaching

This book is for anyone who is developing an app and wants to create a
great user experience, regardless of mobile platform.

The user experience (UX) of an app can be key to its success but is
often something that developers don’t know how to approach or is
considered a part of design that is intimidating and overlooked.

Matt Lacey has been creating apps for mobile devices since 2001. He is
currently working as an independent mobile development consultant, helping
companies of all sizes with strategy, planning and implementation of mobile
development solutions. Matt is a community leader and Microsoft MVP who
organizes user group meetings to help people learn to create better apps.