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IT as a Service (ITaaS) Framework, The

IT as a Service (ITaaS) Framework, The

Transform to an End-to-End Services Organization and Operate IT like a Competitive Business

Justin Mann

Feb 2018, Paperback, 320 pages
ISBN13: 9781587145018
ISBN10: 1587145014
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Today, enterprise IT organizations must operate as relevant, transparent, and competitive “businesses within a business” to build trusted partnerships with their enterprise customers. Cisco’s IT as a Service (ITaaS) Solution offers a proven Service Delivery model for addressing this challenge, responding rapidly to change, and managing all suppliers, including public cloud providers. Cisco’s IT as a Service (ITaaS) Solution provides an in-depth understanding of every component of today’s ITaaS Service Delivery Model, and helps you transform theory into practice to start driving value from ITaaS. Leading enterprise IT consultant Justin Mann shows how to:

  • Design an end-to-end ITaaS Service Delivery model around your business strategy
  • Establish an effective Services Taxonomy, Service Portfolio, and Service Roles & Responsibilities
  • Implement TCO and cost modeling strategies that enable informed high-level decision making
  • Establish metrics that correlate service performance to business outcomes
  • Proactively prepare services for -- and respond quickly to -- changing business requirements
  • Strengthen partnerships between the CIO, service owners, and business leaders
  • Link to and complement existing IT O&M and Enterprise Architecture practices

Throughout, sidebars help you follow the IT Service Transformation Journey from beginning to end, and sample templates, dashboards, and project plans help you plan and pursue your own transformation.

1. The Case for Services Transformation
2. IT Service Delivery & Introduction to ITaaS
3. An Overview of an Enterprise ITaaS Transformation Program
4. Services Transformation Change Leadership
5. IT Service Delivery Model Taxonomy
6. Mapping the Business Technical Capabilities
7. Designing the ITaaS Service Portfolio
8. Service Delivery Roles & Responsibilities
9. IT Service Costing
10. IT Service Metrics Strategy
11. IT Service Metrics in Depth
12. Service Capability & Performance Roadmaps
13. Service - Key Guidelines
14. Tools, Automation, and Consumables
15. ITaaS Service Delivery Model Integration & Management
16. The Next Big Steps for an IT as a Service Organization

Justin Mann, CCIE No. 27040, is a senior Business and Technology Architect with Cisco’s Advanced Services. Throughout his technical career that began in his teens, he has remained dedicated to understanding the business of his customers, even going so far as attending Sea-Survival and Helicopter Underwater Extraction Training (HUET) in support of oil and gas customers. This background allowed him to successfully lead the earliest Cisco engagements with customers seeking to transform their own IT organizations by following the work pioneered by Cisco IT. By working across IT and business teams at all levels, and over time across different industries and enterprises, Justin developed and refined the now-formal ITaaS framework and Services Transformation Program, allowing IT organizations to transition to end-to-end Services organizations and truly begin to operate IT like a competitive business.

During his free time, Justin is an adventure-traveler, book collector, and comic-book and videogame geek; he can be found on most weekends riding trails on his horse, Lucas. Whenever possible, Justin leverages his passion for travel and horseback riding to work with special-needs children both internationally and locally through a therapeutic horseback riding stable, ManeGait. A portion of the author’s proceeds will be donated to ManeGait, and we actively encourage, welcome, and sincerely appreciate donations from interested readers.