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Python Without Fear

Python Without Fear

Brian Overland

Oct 2017, Paperback, 464 pages
ISBN13: 9780134687476
ISBN10: 0134687477
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Taking the same approach as he did in his best-selling C++ Without Fear, Brian Overland offers the perfect guide to Python for anyone moving from another language, or seeking to go beyond basic Python skills they’ve already mastered.

Overland’s Python Without Fear reveals the “whys,” “tricks,” and especially the “gotchas” behind each essential Python language feature. You’ll learn how to use Python the right way, avoiding mistakes that trip up programmers coming from other languages -- and avoiding hours of unnecessary debugging, too.

Best of all, you’ll enjoy learning Python. That’s because Overland teaches Python by showing how to leverage its power to solve fascinating, challenging puzzles and games. Along the way, you’ll learn how to use mutable and immutable objects; work with strings, functions, local and global variables, lists, data, inheritance, properties, files, exceptions, enumerators, generators, iterators, and even multi-file apps. Throughout, you’ll never get bogged down in unnecessarily complex examples or pointless discussions: Overland keeps you 100% focused on learning what works -- and what matters.



About the Author

Chapter 1: Meet the Python

Chapter 2: A Python Safari: Numbers

Chapter 3: Your First Programs

Chapter 4: Decisions and Looping

Chapter 5: Python Lists

Chapter 6: List Comprehension and Enumeration

Chapter 7: Python Strings

Chapter 8: Single-Character Ops

Chapter 9: Advanced Function Techniques

Chapter 10: Local and Global Variables

Chapter 11: File Ops

Chapter 12: Dictionaries and Sets

Chapter 13: Matrixes: 2-D Lists

Chapter 14: Winning at Tic-Tac-Toe

Chapter 15: Classes and Objects I

Chapter 16: Classes and Objects II

Chapter 17: Conway’s Game of Life

Chapter 18: Advanced Pythonic Techniques

Appendix A: Python Operator Precedence Table

Appendix B: Summary of Most Important Formatting Rules for Python 3.0

Appendix C: Glossary


  • By Brian Overland, author of the best-selling C++ Without Fear
  • Takes readers “under the covers” with Python, so they understand why it works the way it does
  • Makes learning Python fun, by showing how to use it to solve challenging puzzles and win fascinating games
  • Especially well-designed for programmers moving to Python from languages such as C, C++, Visual Basic, or Java

Brian Overland is a textbook author, sometime actor, programmer, film reviewer, and novelist. He has been professionally programming with the C family of languages since the early 1980s and spent 10 years at Microsoft, first as a software tester and then as programmer/writer, manager, and project lead. Almost unique among programmers, he is an award-winning writer deeply committed to teaching and simplifying advanced concepts. You can read his comments on technology, reviews, and his upcoming book projects at