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Google Cloud Platform in Action

Google Cloud Platform in Action

John Geewax

Aug 2018, Paperback
ISBN13: 9781617293528
ISBN10: 1617293520
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Cloud services make it easy to get infrastructure in a flexible and ondemand

way. While there are many cloud services to choose from,

Google Cloud Platform offers unique services that let you focus on

building powerful applications.Google Cloud Services in Action teaches readers to build and launch

web applications that scale while leveraging the Google Cloud

Platform. Readers begin with the basics, learning how cloud services

work, and the specifics of the Google Cloud Platform. The book

includes hands-on step-by-step instruction on deploying applications,

handling large amounts of data, and much more By the end, readers

will know how to build, leverage, and deploy cloud-based applications

so web applications get started more quickly, suffer fewer disasters,

and require less maintenance.


• Hands on code examples

• Lots of useful images

• Written in an approachable way

• Helps readers get their applications deployed quickly


Readers will have a working knowledge of application development in a

modern language and an understanding of application architecture. No

knowledge of cloud services required.


Put simply, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a collection of products that

allows developers to use Google’s internal infrastructure via a set of APIs.

In other words, GCP is a collection of products and services that help users

solve infrastructure problems "The Google Way".


John Geewax is a Software Engineer at Google working specifically on

Google Cloud Platform. He has been using cloud services since 2008.