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RxJava for Android Developers

RxJava for Android Developers

Timo Tuominen

May 2019, Paperback
ISBN13: 9781617293368
ISBN10: 1617293369
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In today's world, user interfaces have to be highly dynamic,

asynchronous, and reliable. To meet these demands, the programming

world is undergoing a radical shift towards something called

Functional Reactive Programming (FRP), or just Reactive

Programming. FRP offers programmers a new way to construct their

applications so that they respond directly to change. And developers

spend less time tracing obscure problems and more time focusing on

what their code should be doing.Grokking Reactive User Interfaces teaches programmers a new way of

thinking about programs and data as well as how to build robust and

extensible user interfaces. This well-illustrated book presents lots of

concrete, real-world problems and then shows how FRP helps to solve

them. It begins by looking at examples that get readers into the mindset

of data flows and goes on to introduce the concept of a View Model.

Readers also learn how FRP enables them to better manage change and

introduce new features. The final part of this book focuses on higherlevel

application design concerns and strategies as you look at

architectural approaches and frameworks that work well with FRP



• Provides lots of illustrations and real-life app examples

• Teaches a new way of thinking about programs and data

• Using FRP in day-to-day programming

• Teaches how to handle increasing complexity in UIs


Readers should have a basic understanding of mobile UI development and

be familiar with traditional object-oriented programming paradigms.


FRP offers a new way to construct applications so that they respond directly

to change. FRP is not a typical technology B that obviously and

immediately replaces an inferior technology A. It’s more of a way of

thinking rather than a mechanical solution.


Timo Tuominen has used FRP and RxJava extensively as an architect of a

major Android project for Samsung while working with Futurice. As a

consultant he has developed dozens of agile projects on almost all relevant

platforms – and a number of dead ones - nowadays bringing FRP to

wherever he can.