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RxJS in Action

RxJS in Action

Paul Daniels, Luis Atencio

Aug 2017, Paperback, 352 pages
ISBN13: 9781617293412
ISBN10: 1617293415
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A growing flood of data is aimed at JavaScript applications, and they

need be ready for it. As more and more data is received, applications

must scale to stay operational. There’s also the problem of latency

when data has to be fetched from remote locations. RxJS, or Reactive

Extensions for JavaScript, is a library for transforming, composing,

and consuming streams of data. RxJS combines reactive and functional

programming to give an extensible, asynchronous event handling

system for JavaScript.RxJS in Action gives readers the development skills they need to create

reactive applications with RxJS. This book is full of theory and

practical examples that build on each other and help readers begin

thinking in a reactive manner. The book begins by teaching the

fundamentals of functional programming, and dives in to the basics of

RxJS and what it means to be reactive. Next, it teaches how to build

real-world applications with RxJS. The last part of the book tackles the

advanced topics to take the reader’s reactive programming skills to the

next level, as they will learn how to deal with error handling, unit

testing, and the role of RxJS when combined with frameworks such as

Angular.js or Cycle.js. Examples in the book use RxJS 5, the latest

version of RxJS built with an eye on performance and simplicity.


• Full of practical examples using real-world applications

• Creating readable, easy-to-understand event processing pipelines

• Introduces the fundamentals of functional and reactive programming

• Transforms bulky, untestable code into modular, testable expressions

• Uses the latest version of RxJS


This book is for readers who are comfortable writing and building

applications in JavaScript.


RxJS combines reactive and functional programming to give programmers

an extensible, asynchronous event handling system for JavaScript. RxJS is

ideal for applications with features that have continuous data flows that have

to fetch and combine multiple pieces of remote data, auto-complete text

boxes, drag and drop, process user input, and more.


Paul P. Daniels is a professional Software Engineer with a B.S.E in

Computer Science and over 5 years of experience in software engineering,

developing applications in .Net, Java, and JavaScript. A regular user of

RxJS, he is active as a member and a contributor in the RxJS community.

Luis Atencio is a Staff Software Engineer for Citrix Systems. He has a B.S.

and an M.S. in Computer Science and works full-time developing and

architecting web applications using Java, PHP, and JavaScript platforms.

Luis is also the author of Functional Programming in JavaScript.