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Hello Swift!

Hello Swift!

Tanmay Bakshi, Lynn Beighley

Sep 2018, Paperback
ISBN13: 9781617292620
ISBN10: 1617292621
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This book teaches young readers how to program using the Swift

language while they develop iOS apps. Readers gain fundamental

programming skills along the way.Hello Swift! is a how-to guide to programming iOS apps with the Swift

language, written from a kid’s perspective. This approachable, wellillustrated,

step-by-step guide takes readers from very beginning

programming concepts through creating complete apps. It begins by

teaching the basics of what an app is and what is needed to build one.

From there, readers will create their first simple app while learning

more about programming with Swift. Readers conquer important

programming concepts that can be used with other programming



• Crystal-clear explanations

• Engaging images and straightforward examples

• Hands-on lessons

• Exercises that encourage critical thinking

• Practical instructions for building and deploying apps on the

App Store


While written with a younger audience in mind, this book is for readers

of any age with no programming experience who want to enjoy

learning to program while creating iOS apps.


Swift is Apple’s new robust and intuitive programming language for iOS.

It’s free and open source and can be used to build apps for iOS, Mac,

Apple TV, and Apple Watch.


Tanmay Bakshi began coding at the age of four and had his first app on the

iOS App Store by the age of nine. He taught himself Swift when it was still

in beta. He's excited about passing on his knowledge to other young and

new programmers.

Lynn Beighley is the author of more than a dozen programming andtechnical books, including the bestsellers Head First SQL and Head FirstPHP & MySQL.