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Management Accounting for Decision Makers 9th edition

Management Accounting for Decision Makers 9th edition

9th Edition

Peter Atrill, Eddie McLaney

Jul 2018, Paperback, 616 pages
ISBN13: 9781292204574
ISBN10: 1292204575
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It has never been more important for businesses to operate within a framework of strategic planning and decision making. This popular introductory text teaches you how to make the best choices in managerial and other business roles.

This text is aimed at undergraduate students who wish to grasp key elements of management accounting and those seeking a foundation for further study.

New to this edition

· Expanded discussion of relevant costs for decision making

· Increased coverage of cost management in a competitive environment

· Increased coverage of inventories’ management techniques

· New chapter on managing risk

· More activities throughout the text to enhance reader interaction and to encourage critical thinking.

· More diagrams and real world examples to help illustrate issues and concepts

1 - Introduction to Management Accounting

2 - Relevant costs and benefits for decision making

3 - Cost-volume-profit analysis

4 - Full costing

5 - Costing and cost management in a competitive environment

6 - Budgeting

7 - Accounting for control

8 - Making capital investment decisions

9 - Managing risk

10 - Strategic management accounting: performance evaluation and pricing in a competitive environment

11 - Measuring divisional performance

12 - Managing Working Capital