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Tabular Modeling in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services

Tabular Modeling in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services

2nd Edition

Marco Russo, Alberto Ferrari

Apr 2017, Paperback, 512 pages
ISBN13: 9781509302772
ISBN10: 1509302778
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Build agile and responsive business intelligence solutions

Create a semantic model and analyze data using the tabular model in SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services to create corporate-level business intelligence (BI) solutions. Led by two BI experts, you will learn how to build, deploy, and query a tabular model by following detailed examples and best practices. This hands-on book shows you how to use the tabular model’s in-memory database to perform rapid analytics—whether you are new to Analysis Services or already familiar with its multidimensional model.

Discover how to:

• Determine when a tabular or multidimensional model is right for your project

• Build a tabular model using SQL Server Data Tools in Microsoft Visual Studio 2015

• Integrate data from multiple sources into a single, coherent view of company information

• Choose a data-modeling technique that meets your organization’s performance and usability requirements

• Implement security by establishing administrative and data user roles

• Define and implement partitioning strategies to reduce processing time

• Use Tabular Model Scripting Language (TMSL) to execute and automate administrative tasks

• Optimize your data model to reduce the memory footprint for VertiPaq

• Choose between in-memory (VertiPaq) and pass-through (DirectQuery) engines for tabular models

• Select the proper hardware and virtualization configurations

• Deploy and manipulate tabular models from C# and PowerShell using AMO and TOM libraries

Get code samples, including complete apps, at:

About This Book

• For BI professionals who are new to SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services or already familiar with previous versions of the product, and who want the best reference for creating and maintaining tabular models.

• Assumes basic familiarity with database design and business analytics concepts.

CHAPTER 1 Introducing the tabular model

CHAPTER 2 Getting started with the tabular model

CHAPTER 3 Loading data inside Tabular

CHAPTER 4 Introducing calculations in DAX

CHAPTER 5 Building hierarchies

CHAPTER 6 Data modeling in Tabular

CHAPTER 7 Tabular Model Scripting Language (TMSL)

CHAPTER 8 The tabular presentation layer

CHAPTER 9 Using DirectQuery

CHAPTER 10 Security

CHAPTER 11 Processing and partitioning tabular models

CHAPTER 12 Inside VertiPaq

CHAPTER 13 Interfacing with Tabular

CHAPTER 14 Monitoring and tuning a Tabular service

CHAPTER 15 Optimizing tabular models

CHAPTER 16 Choosing hardware and virtualization

  • Comprehensive, insider coverage of SSAS Tabular modeling, including best practices and optimizations of Tabular models
  • Starts with tabular data modeling fundamentals, and moves on to advanced optimization, deployment, and scalability
  • By two of the world's leading experts on data modeling and analysis with Microsoft technologies

Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari are the founders of, where they regularly publish articles about Microsoft Power Pivot, Power BI, DAX, and SQL Server Analysis Services. Russo and Ferrari have worked with Analysis Services since the first version in 1999. Both Russo and Ferrari provide consultancy and mentoring on business intelligence (BI). They are also frequent speakers at major international conferences, including Microsoft Ignite, PASS Summit, and SQLBits.