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Unlocking Agility

Unlocking Agility

An Insider's Guide to Agile Enterprise Transformation

Jorgen Hesselberg

Nov 2018, Paperback, 368 pages
ISBN13: 9780134542843
ISBN10: 0134542843
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Over the past decade, Jorgen Hesselberg has had an interesting view into some noteworthy agile adoptions (Spotify, Yahoo, Walmart, and many more). Not all of the adoptions were smooth, or even successful. From these first-hand experiences (as a practitioner), he is prepared to share what he has learned so that individuals at larger organizations can learn how best to navigate an agile adoption. Whether an organization favors LeSS, or SAFe, or any other method, Hesselberg can teach the reader to prepare for the transformation, and become an agent for a successful change.

Hesselberg answers crucial questions, including:

  • What’s the best way to start organizational change in large organizations?
  • How can you sustain momentum beyond the initial “honeymoon”?
  • How do you create an environment of continuous learning, employee empowerment, and product discovery -- while still executing superbly in day-to-day customer commitments?
  • What’s the best role for external consultants and consulting firms?
  • How do you lead coherent organizational change across multiple geographies, locations, and cultures?
  • What organizational structures are likeliest to unlock lasting change, and how should these evolve over time?
  • What type of organizational impact is realistic to expect?
  • How can you measure success?

Replete with first-hand accounts from transformation leaders at companies including Cisco, HP, Spotify, Yahoo!, John Deere, Salesforce and Wal-Mart, the book provides indispensable practical insights for everyone seeking to build a truly agile enterprise.

Part 1: The Change Imperative
1. Why Is Business Agility So Critical?
2. What Is Enterprise Agility?

Part 2: Creating the Foundation for an Agile Enterprise
3. The AWG: A Sustainable Engine of Agile Enterprise Transformation
4. Building Your Organization’s Agile Working Group
5. Where Does the AWG Belong on the Org Chart?

Part 3: Unlocking Enterprise Agility
6. A Blueprint for Enterprise Transformation
7. The Enterprise Transformation Backlog
8. Known Anti-Patterns - And How to Avoid Them
9. Epilogue

10. Appendix

  • An engaging insider’s perspective from a practitioner who’s repeatedly helped lead successful organizational change at the enterprise level
  • Includes many real-life stories and anecdotes from Intel, Salesforce, Walmart, Groupon, Spotify, John Deere, Nokia, Fidelity, McAfee, and other top companies
  • Answers crucial questions, including: where to start, how to sustain momentum, when to use external consultants (and when not to), and how to lead coherent change worldwide
  • An invaluable resource for wide audiences of executives, managers, change agents, and consultants

Jorgen Hesselberg is cofounder of Comparative Agility, a leading agile assessment and continuous improvement platform. A proven thought leader of numerous successful enterprise transformation efforts since 2009, Jorgen provides strategic guidance, executive counsel, and coaching to some of the world’s most respected companies both as an internal change agent and an external consultant. He has trained thousands of people on agile and Scrum, disruptive innovation, and enterprise transformation strategy.

Passionate about making the world a better place to work, Jorgen is the former director and an active member of Supporting Agile Adoption, an Agile Alliance program dedicated to supporting those who apply agile principles and practices for agile transformation. Jorgen is a frequent speaker at international industry conferences. He earned his bachelor degree in journalism at the University of Missouri, his MBA at Iowa State University, and an MS in information technology at Northwestern University. He completed postgraduate coursework in finance and disruptive innovation at Harvard Business School.

Jorgen lives with his wife and two sons in Nittedal, just north of Oslo, Norway.