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Anyone can create an app beginning iPhone and iPad programming

Anyone can create an app beginning iPhone and iPad programming

Wendy Wise

Mar 2017, Paperback, 336 pages
ISBN13: 9781617292651
ISBN10: 1617292656
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DESCRIPTION Anyone Can Create an App is based on the lofty premise that anyone can begin programming given the right tools and the right help. With some time set aside and the course-work in this book, readers will be able to program their first, fully working iPhone or iPad Application. They’ll wonder why they never did it before! Anyone Can Create an App provides the EASY starting point for those people who have never programmed before but who always wanted to build iPhone and iPad apps. It starts with the absolute basics and progresses without leaving gaps so that the non-technical person can feel confident going from green to full-grown. Readers will create several apps for their iPhone and get a huge sense of accomplishment along the way. The book also demystifies some of the "insider terms" that programmers use.


 Short easy, easy to digest chapters

 No programming experience necessary

 Gain useful knowledge of iPhone and iPad programming


The Swift programming language is an ideal first language. Non-programmers can finally learn to code in iOS for iPhones and iPads without prior knowledge. ANYONE can create an App!


Mobile development needs continue to skyrocket and many people want to get in the surge, but they don’t know how to program. Swift is an easy to use intuitive programming language for iOS, OS X, and watchOS and makes an ideal first language.