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CCNA Data Center DCICN 200-150 Official Cert Guide, 1/e

CCNA Data Center DCICN 200-150 Official Cert Guide, 1/e

Chad Hintz, Cesar Obediente, Wendell Odom

Mar 2017, Hardback with Online Course Access, 800 pages
ISBN13: 9781587205965
ISBN10: 1587205963
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Cisco CCNA Data Center DCICN v2.0 Official Certification Guide is a comprehensive self-study tool for preparing for the DCICN exam. Complete coverage of all exam topics as posted on the exam topic blueprint ensures readers will arrive at a thorough understanding of what they need to master to succeed on the exam. The book follows a logical organization of the DCICN exam objectives. Material is presented in a concise manner, focusing on increasing readers' retention and recall of exam topics. Readers will organize their exam preparation through the use of the consistent features in these chapters, including:

  • Pre-chapter quiz – These quizzes allow readers to assess their knowledge of the chapter content and decide how much time to spend on any given section.
  • Foundation Topics – These sections make up the majority of the page count, explaining concepts, configurations, with emphasis on the theory and concepts, and with linking the theory to the meaning of the configuration commands.
  • Key Topics – Inside the Foundation Topics sections, every figure, table, or list that should absolutely be understood and remembered for the exam is noted with the words “Key Topic” in the margin. This tool allows the reader to quickly review the most important details in each chapter.
  • Exam Preparation – This ending section of each chapter includes three additional features for review and study, all designed to help the reader remember the details as well as to get more depth. Readers will be instructed to review key topics from the chapter, complete tables and lists from memory, and define key terms.

Part I: Networking Fundamentals
Chapter 1 Introduction to Data Center Infrastructure
Chapter 2 The TCP/IP and OSI Networking Models
Chapter 3 Fundamentals of Ethernet LANs
Chapter 4 Fundamentals of IPv4/IPv6 Addressing and Routing
Part I Review

Part II: Data Center Nexus Switching & Routing Fundamentals
Chapter 5 Installing and Operating Nexus Switches
Chapter 6 VLAN and Trunking Concepts
Chapter 7 VLAN Trunking and Configuration
Chapter 8 Spanning Tree Protocol Concepts
Chapter 9 Cisco Nexus Spanning Tree Protocol Implementation 311
Chapter 10 Configuring Ethernet Switching
Part II Review

Part III: IPv4/IPv6 Subnetting
Chapter 11 Perspectives on IPv4/IPv6 Subnetting
Chapter 12 Analyzing Classful IPv4 Networks
Chapter 13 Analyzing Subnet Masks
Chapter 14 Analyzing Existing Subnets
Chapter 15 Fundamentals of IP Version 6
Part III Review
Chapter XX Data Center Network Architectures

Part IV: IPv4 Routing
Chapter 17 IPv4 Routing Concepts
Chapter 18 Cisco Nexus IPv4 Routing Configuration
Chapter 19 IPv4 Routing Protocol Concepts
Chapter 20 Nexus Routing Protocol Configuration
Chapter 21 Nexus First Hop Redundancy Protocols and Configurations
Chapter 22 IPv4 Access Control Lists on Cisco Nexus Switches

Part V Data Center Storage Technologies
Chapter 23 Introduction to Storage and Storage Networking
Chapter 24 Advanced Storage Area Network (SAN) technologies and configurations

Part VI: Final Preparation 577
Chapter 25 Final Review 579

Part VII: Appendices
Appendix A Answers to the “Do I Know This Already?” Quizzes
Appendix B Exam Updates

Appendix C: Memory Tables
Appendix D: Memory Tables Answer Key
Appendix E: Study Planner