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Basics of Web Design

Basics of Web Design

4th Edition

Terry Felke-Morris

Mar 2017, Paperback, 480 pages
ISBN13: 9780134444338
ISBN10: 0134444337
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For introductory courses in Web Design

Draw students into the world of graphic design

Basics of Web Design: HTML & CSS3, is a foundational introduction to beginning web design and web development. The balance of “hard” skills such as HTML 5 and Cascading Style Sheets, and “soft” skills such as web design and publishing to the Web provides you with a well-rounded foundation as you pursue you career as a web professional.

The 4th Edition presents additional practice exercises, expanded coverage areas, and updated material. This text provides a foundation in the basics of web design–from creating web pages to publishing them online.

  1. Internet and Web Basics
  2. HTML Basics
  3. Web Design Basics
  4. Cascading Style Sheets Basics
  5. Graphics & Text Styling Basics
  6. More CSS Basics
  7. Page Layout Basics
  8. More on Links, Layout, and Mobile
  9. Table Basics
  10. Form Basics
  11. Media and Interactivity Basics
  12. Web Publishing Basics

Students discuss, integrate, and apply skills as they create web pages and websites

  • A well-rounded selection of topics includes both “hard” skills, like HTML5 and Cascading Style Sheets as well as “soft” skills like web design and publishing.
    • UPDATED! HTML5.1 elements and attributes.
    • EXPANDED! Treatment of page layout design.
    • EXPANDED! Coverage of responsive web design techniques and CSS media queries.
    • EXPANDED! Coverage of responsive image techniques including the new HTML5 picture element.
  • Two-page sections introduce topics clearly and allow students to immediately practice new skills with hands-on exercises and relate them to the world with case studies.
  • Design for today and tomorrow. The book prepares students to design web pages for today in addition to preparing them to take advantage of new HTML5 coding techniques of the future.
  • Focus on web design through an additional activity that explores web design topics touched on in the chapter to reinforce, enhance, and extend course topics.
  • Focus on accessibility. The text enforces accessibility techniques that are crucial to website design by highlighting them with an icon.
  • Focus on ethics issues related to web development, highlighted throughout the text with an icon.

Provide opportunities for students to practice and apply course concepts

  • EXPANDED! Hands-on practice. Exercises throughout the text and the development of a website through real world case studies allows students to practice the skill of web design.
  • UPDATED! Website case studies. Case studies continue throughout the text that reinforce skills taught in each chapter. Answers to case studies are available in the instructor resource center.
  • FAQs. Questions frequently asked of the author by her students are included in the book and marked with an FAQ icon.
  • Quick tips. Quick tips provide useful background information or help with productivity and are marked by an icon.
  • Explore further. An icon identifies enrichment topics and web resources that allow students to delve deeper into topics explored by the text.
  • Reference materials. Available in the appendices, reference materials include an HTML5 reference, a Cascading Style Sheets reference, a comparison of HTML5 and XHTML, a WCAG 2.0 quick reference, an overview of ARIA Landmark roles, and a brief introduction to CSS Flexible Box Layout (Flexbox).
    • UPDATED! Reference sections for HTML5 and CSS.
    • NEW! Appendix introducing the CSS Flexible Layout Module: Flexbox.
  • VideoNotes, which are designed to teach students key programming concepts and techniques are short, step-by-step videos that demonstrate how to solve problems by coding.

Dr. Terry Ann Felke-Morris is a Professor Emerita at Harper College in Palatine, Illinois. She holds a Doctor of Education degree, a Master of Science degree in information systems, and numerous certifications, including Adobe Certified Dreamweaver 8 Developer, WOW Certified Associate Webmaster, Microsoft Certified Professional, Master CIW Designer, and CIW Certified Instructor.

Dr. Felke-Morris received the Blackboard Greenhouse Exemplary Online Course Award in 2006 for use of Internet technology in the academic environment. She is the recipient of two international awards: the Instructional Technology Council’s Outstanding e-Learning Faculty Award for Excellence and the MERLOT Award for Exemplary Online Learning Resources–MERLOT Business Classics.

With more than 25 years of information technology experience in business and industry, Dr. Felke-Morris published her first website in 1996 and has been working with the Web ever since. A long-time promoter of web standards, she was a member of the Web Standards Project Education Task Force. Dr. Felke-Morris is the author of the popular textbook Web Development and Design Foundations with HTML5, currently in its eighth edition. She was instrumental in developing the Web Development degree and certificate programs at Harper College.

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