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Engineering Mathematics

Engineering Mathematics

5th Edition

Anthony Croft, Robert Davison, James Flint, Martin Hargreaves

Jun 2017, Paperback, 1024 pages
ISBN13: 9781292146652
ISBN10: 1292146656
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Engineering Mathematics is the unparalleled undergraduate textbook for students of electrical, electronic, communications and systems engineering. Tried and tested over many years, this widely used textbook is now in its 5th edition, having been fully updated and revised. This new edition includes an even greater emphasis on the application of mathematics within a range of engineering contexts. It features detailed explanation of why a technique is important to engineers. In addition, it provides essential guidance in how to use mathematics to solve engineering problems. This approach ensures a deep and practical understanding of the role of mathematics in modern engineering.

Preface xvii

Acknowledgements xix

Chapter 1 Review of algebraic techniques 1
Chapter 2 Engineering functions
Chapter 3 The trigonometric functions
Chapter 4 Coordinate systems
Chapter 5 Discrete mathematics
Chapter 6 Sequences and series
Chapter 7 Vectors
Chapter 8 Matrix algebra
Chapter 9 Complex numbers
Chapter 10 Di erentiation
Chapter 11 Techniques of di erentiation
Chapter 12 Applications of di erentiation
Chapter 13 Integration
Chapter 14 Techniques of integration
Chapter 15 Applications of integration
Chapter 16 Further topics in integration
Chapter 17 Numerical integration
Chapter 18 Taylor polynomials, Taylor series and Maclaurin series
Chapter 19 Ordinary di erential equations I
Chapter 20 Ordinary di erential equations II
Chapter 21 The Laplace transform
Chapter 22 Di erence equations and the z transform
Chapter 23 Fourier series
Chapter 24 The Fourier transform
Chapter 25 Functions of several variables
Chapter 26 Vector calculus
Chapter 27 Line integrals and multiple integrals
Chapter 28 Probability
Chapter 29 Statistics and probability distributions
Appendix I Representing a continuous function and a sequence as a sum of weighted impulses
Appendix II The Greek alphabet
Appendix III SI units and prefixes
Appendix IV The binomial expansion of (n−N)/nn

· Two disciplines, one book: Integrates engineering and mathematics through an applications focused treatment.

· Builds from foundation to advanced techniques: Carefully develops the full range of mathematical techniques most appropriate to students of electrical, electronic, systems and communications engineering.

· Clear, comprehensive and applied coverage: Detailed guidance on how to use each mathematical technique, now with more detailed explanation around why a technique is important to engineers.

· Extensive revision to ensure up to date coverage: Includes updated treatment of integral transform methods, including the Laplace, z and Fourier transforms.

· Links theory and practice: Numerous examples to illustrate mathematical theory and its application to engineering.

· Exercises throughout the book enable students to test their understanding. Answers provided in the book.

Anthony Croft is Professor of Mathematics Education at Loughborough University.

Robert Davison was formerly Head of Quality at the Faculty of Technology, De Montfort University.

Martin Hargreaves is a Chartered Physicist.

James Flint is Reader in Wireless Systems Engineering at Loughborough University.