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RabitMQ in Depth

RabitMQ in Depth

Gavin Roy

Oct 2017, Paperback, 264 pages
ISBN13: 9781617291005
ISBN10: 1617291005
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Any large application needs an efficient way to handle the constant messages passing between components in the system. Billed as "messaging that just works," the RabbitMQ message broker initially appeals to developers because it's lightweight, easy to set up, and low maintenance. They stick with it because it's powerful, fast, and up to nearly anything that can be thrown at it. This book takes readers beyond the basics and explores the challenges of clustering and distributing messages across enterprise-level data-centers using RabbitMQ.

RabbitMQ in Depth is a practical guide to building and maintaining message-based systems. This book covers detailed architectural and operational use of RabbitMQ with an emphasis on not just how it works but why it works the way it does. It provides examples and detailed explanations of everything from low-level communication to integration with third-party systems. It also offers insights needed to make core architectural choices and develop procedures for effective operational management.KEY FEATURES

Approachable detailed resource

Explains the "how" and "why" of RabbitMQ

Takes readers well beyond the basicsAUDIENCE

Written for programmers with a basic understanding of messaging oriented systems and RabbitMQ.


RabbitMQ is an open-source message broker software that programs can use to exchange messages with each other to create scalable and reliable application architectures.

Gavin M. Roy is an active open-source evangelist and advocate who has been working with Internet and Enterprise technologies since the mid-90's. As the CTO of, Gavin implemented RabbitMQ as the core of MeetMe's event-based scalable application architecture. Gavin is a member of the Python Software Foundation and is the maintainer of pika, a pure-Python implementation of the AMQP protocol for RabbitMQ.