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Principles of Marketing Scandinavian Edition eBook
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Principles of Marketing Scandinavian Edition is an ideal introductory text for undergraduate students and practitioners alike. This, the second Scandinavian edition, is true to Kotler and Armstrong’s classic conceptual framework, which has proved itself an exceptional introduction to marketing and has been used by millions of students all over the world.

Principles of Marketing book outlines and discusses concepts and ideas that help students and practitioners develop an effective marketing strategy for today’s markets. Cases and examples are written to reflect current best practice in Scandinavian and European companies. The book describes and explains how these companies deal with challenges in domestic and international markets. Set within a Scandinavian context, the text is nonetheless global in scope and thus very relevant for modern marketers.

‭Preface xiii
‭about the authors xv
‭acknowledgements xvi
‭Chapter 1 marketing: creating and capturing customer value 3
‭Chapter 2 Company and marketing strategy 43
‭Chapter 3 analysing the marketing environment 71
‭Chapter 4 managing marketing information to gain customer insights 99
‭Chapter 5 Consumer markets and consumer buyer behaviour 125
‭Chapter 6 Business markets and business buyer behaviour 157
‭Chapter 7 Customer-driven marketing strategy: creating value for target customers 181
‭Chapter 8 Branding: developing strong brands 217
‭Chapter 9 Products and services 249
‭Chapter 10 Pricing strategies 275
‭Chapter 11 marketing channels 311
‭Chapter 12 market communication 347
‭Chapter 13 Creating competitive advantage 383
‭Chapter 14 marketing in a global marketplace striving for sustainability 403
‭Glossary 447
‭index 453

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