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UNIX and Linux System Administration Handbook

UNIX and Linux System Administration Handbook

5th Edition

Evi Nemeth, Garth Snyder, Trent Hein, Ben Whaley, Dan Mackin

Aug 2017, Paperback, 1500 pages
ISBN13: 9780134277554
ISBN10: 0134277554
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UNIX and Linux System Administration Handbook, Fifth Edition is today’s definitive guide to installing, configuring and maintaining any Unix or Linux system -- including the systems that provide core Internet and cloud infrastructure.

Now fully updated for today’s Linux distributions and cloud environments, it details best practices for every facet of system administration, including storage management, network design and administration, web hosting and scale-out, automation, configuration management, performance analysis, virtualization, DNS, security, management of IT service organizations, and much more. For modern system and network administrators, this edition contains indispensable new coverage of cloud deployments, continuous delivery, Docker and other containerization solutions, and much more.

Part I. Basic Administration
1. Where to Start
2. Booting and Shutting Down
3. The Filesystem
4. Access Control and Rootly Powers
5. Controlling Processes
6. User Management
7. Storage
8. Periodic Processes
9. Backups
10. Syslog and Log Files
11. Software Installation and Management
12. The Kernel
13. Scripting and the Shell
14. Configuration Management

Part II. Networking
15. Physical Networking
16. TCP/IP
17. Routing
18. DNS: Domain Name System
19. NFS: Network File System
20. HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol
21. SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
22. Directory Services
23. Electronic Mail
24. Web Applications
25. Network Management and Debugging

Part III. Operations
26. Continuous Integration and Delivery
27. Security
28. Cloud Computing
29. Containers and Virtualization
30. Monitoring
31. Performance Analysis
32. Policy and Politics

  • Covers today's hottest sysadmin topics, including cloud computing, containerization, and continuous delivery
  • Addresses storage management, network design/administration, web hosting, automation, configuration management, performance analysis, virtualization, DNS, security, and more
  • Fully updated for latest versions of all major Linux distributions
  • Now complemented by instructor resources for classroom use

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