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Essential guide to marketing planning

Essential guide to marketing planning

4th Edition

Marian Burk Wood

Feb 2017, Paperback, 328 pages
ISBN13: 9781292117522
ISBN10: 1292117524
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Use this 4th edition to gain insights from the experiences of marketers worldwide and apply your knowledge to develop a marketing plan of your own. Chapters guide you through researching your market, analysing your competitive situation, objectives setting and deciding on marketing strategies to develop a creative, effective marketing plan for any product.

Chapter 1 Introduction to marketing planning

Chapter 2 Analysing the current situation

Chapter 3 Analysing customers and markets

Chapter 4 Segmenting, targeting and positioning

Chapter 5 Planning direction and objectives

Chapter 6 Planning for products and brands

Chapter 7 Planning for pricing

Chapter 8 Planning for channels and logistics

Chapter 9 Planning for communications and influence

Chapter 10 Planning for digital, social and mobile marketing

Chapter 11 Supporting the marketing strategy

Chapter 12 Planning for implementation, metrics and control

Appendix: Sample marketing plan for Lost Legends Luxury Chocolatier



Key features in every chapter give you a step-by-step process to marketing planning:

· Diagram of the planning process. A diagram at the start of each chapter shows how that chapter’s principles fit within the seven stages of the marketing planning process.

· Case-study examples open and close each chapter. Each chapter is centred on a real example of marketing in action at a well-known business such as Nike, Google, Michelin and Uniqlo. Answering the case questions will reinforce understanding of the concepts and strengthen planning skills.

· Marketing in practice features. To illustrate how marketers are applying planning principles to specific challenges, each chapter includes three detailed ‘marketing in practice’ featured examples.

· Practical exercises. ‘Apply your knowledge’ exercises challenge you to translate principles into practice by analysing a specific organisation’s marketing activities.

· ‘Build your own marketing plan’ exercises direct you through the main steps in preparing a strong, relevant marketing plan with a complete sample marketing plan in an Appendix

Marian Burk Wood, M.B.A., has held vice-presidential level positions in corporate and non-profit marketing with Citibank, JP Morgan Chase and the National Retail Federation. Her popular US book, The Marketing Plan Handbook, has introduced marketing planning to thousands of students worldwide. Visit her blog at:

“[Essential Guide to Marketing Planning] is focused on applying central conceptualisations … [it] gives the reader a sense that marketing is about choosing. This is important, as it forces students to come closer to how marketing is applied in the industry”

Dr Christofer Laurell, Researcher, Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University