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Learn More Python 3 the Hard Way

Learn More Python 3 the Hard Way

The Next Step for New Python Programmers

Zed Shaw

Oct 2017, Paperback, 240 pages
ISBN13: 9780134123486
ISBN10: 0134123484
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Written by the world-renowned Zed Shaw, this book of 52 hands-on projects is perfect for everyone who's written Python code but isn't yet comfortable taking new ideas all the way to finished software. The perfect follow-up to Shaw's best-selling Learn Python the Hard Way, this all-new, step-by-step book teaches you how to:

  • Approach new problems in ways that lead to better solutions
  • Analyze a concept, idea, or problem to implement in code
  • Design a solution based on your analysis
  • Implement your solution in the simplest way possible
  • Systematically improve your programming skills through real projects

Each project in Learn More Python 3 the Hard Way helps you build a key practical skill -- combining demonstrations to get you started, and challenges to help you achieve even deeper understanding. Shaw organizes this practical programming course into five sections: working with commands, organizing and using data, applying algorithms, processing text, and implementing simple internet-style networking protocols. Along the way, Shaw stresses efficient processes and practical hacking mindsets -- helping you gain true mastery, not just follow recipes!


Part I: Initial Knowledge

Exercise 0: The Setup

Exercise 1: On Process

Exercise 2: On Creativity

Exercise 3: On Quality

Part II: Quick Hacks

Exercise 4: Dealing with Command Line Arguments

Exercise 5: cat

Exercise 6: find

Exercise 7: grep

Exercise 8: cut

Exercise 9: sed

Exercise 10: sort

Exercise 11: uniq

Exercise 12: Review

Part III: Data Structures

Exercise 13: Single Linked Lists

Exercise 14: Double Linked Lists

Exercise 15: Stacks and Queues

Exercise 16: Bubble, Quick, and Merge Sort

Exercise 17: Dictionary

Exercise 18: Measuring Performance

Exercise 19: Improving Performance

Exercise 20: Binary Search Trees

Exercise 21: Binary Search

Exercise 22: Suffix Arrays

Exercise 23: Ternary Search Trees

Exercise 24: Fast URL Search

Part IV: Intermediate Projects

Exercise 25: xargs

Exercise 26: hexdump

Exercise 27: tr

Exercise 28: sh

Exercise 29: diff and patch

Part V: Parsing Text

Exercise 30: Finite State Machines

Exercise 31: Regular Expressions

Exercise 32: Scanners

Exercise 33: Parsers

Exercise 34: Analyzers

Exercise 35: Interpreters

Exercise 36: Simple Calculator

Exercise 37: Little BASIC

Part VI: SQL and Object Relational Mapping

Exercise 38: Introduction to SQL

Exercise 39: Creating with SQL

Exercise 40: Reading with SQL

Exercise 41: Updating with SQL

Exercise 42: Deleting with SQL

Exercise 43: SQL Administration

Exercise 44: Using Python’s Database API

Exercise 45: Creating an ORM

Part VII: Final Projects

Exercise 46: blog

Exercise 47: bc

Exercise 48: ed

Exercise 49: sed

Exercise 50: vi

Exercise 51: lessweb

Exercise 52: moreweb


  • The perfect follow-up to Zed Shaw's best-sellingLearn Python the Hard Way: for everyone who's already started working with Python
  • Analyze problems, design solutions based on analysis, and implement your solutions in the simplest way possible
  • Systematically improve programming skills through 52 practical projects
  • By Zed Shaw, a powerhouse teacher, coder, and blogger with a unique voice and a worldwide following

Zed A. Shaw is the author of the popular online books Learn Python 3 the Hard Way, Learn Python the Hard Way, Learn Ruby the Hard Way, and Learn C the Hard Way. He is also the creator of several open source software projects and has been programming and writing for nearly 20 years. Most of his free time is devoted to the study of painting and art history.