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nivel básico 2015 Release -- Access Card Package
3rd Edition

María de la Fuente, Ernesto Martín Peris, Neus Sans

Sep 2015, Paperback with Online Course Access
ISBN13: 9780134072944
ISBN10: 0134072944
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--Gente is the only truly task-based program that transports you, the learner, into an immersive environment. Learners interact with authentic language from the Hispanic world through a series of carefully-sequenced communicative activities culminating in a real-life task. “Tasks” are collaborative projects that integrate speaking, listening, reading and writing to complete them with the skills that are needed to communicate effectively in the real world! With Gente, you learn by doing, communicate with a purpose and emerge as an independent learner with the confidence to speak Spanish in a spontaneous, natural way.

0205989462 / 9780205989461 Gente: Nivel Basico Plus MySpanishLab with eText Multi Semester -- Access Card Package

Package consists of

020520919X / 9780205209194 Gente: Nivel básico

0205978738 / 9780205978731 MySpanishLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card -- for Gente: Nivel básico (multi semester access)

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Students collaborate and communicate in Spanish from the very first day.

With task-based language learning, students become active users of the language who participate in the learning process. Students who have experience with task-based learning report that they gain confidence in speaking and interacting soon after beginning a task-based course; they can cope with natural spontaneous speech quite easily and tackle tough reading texts in an appropriate way. Most importantly, they become independent learners. Independent learners never stop learning!

Easy to implement at large programs with inexperienced graduate teaching assistants and adjuncts.

Auburn University. University of Washington. University of Minnesota. University of Maryland. Fordham University. Western Kentucky University. High Point University. Southern Connecticut State University. University of Massachusetts. Washington State University. These are just some of the large programs across the United States who are implementing Gente successfully. Pearson’s Faculty Development Network and intensive face-to-face or online workshops on implementing the task-based approach effectively are available to adopting institutions, as requested.

Consistent learning sequence supports language development.

The instructional sequence of each chapter progresses from a focus on input to a focus on output (contextualized-input, to guided output, to free output, to the global/integrative task). All chapter activities are designed to give students the language that they need to successfully complete the task. This learner-centered program has a single, overarching goal: to provide resources for use in a dynamic, communicatively oriented classroom.

Tasks offer global practice of all skills.

Tasks are collaborative projects that integrate speaking, listening, reading and writing. To complete them students use the four skills cohesively, as they would when communicating in real life. To plan a trip, they write down potential destinations, read about vacation spots, talk with their classmates about the different places to decide the best location for the trip, vote for the best spot for their group and present their choice to the rest of the class.Negotiating meaning, listening to others, expressing opinions… all part of communicating in daily life!

Approach to grammar involves more than the study of grammar forms.

Every activity encourages learners to establish connections between forms and meanings, as well as the use of those forms in context. This gives learners a true understanding of the Spanish language and fosters awareness and discovery, by promoting attention to and noticing of grammar and other sociolinguistic aspects of the language.

Intrinsic role of culture develops a critical understanding of the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries.

Each chapter is content based and culturally oriented because it revolves around a specific Spanish-speaking country. The Nuestra gente section, found in each chapter, encourages learners to make comparisons within the Hispanic world in order to develop an increased cross-cultural awareness.

María J. de la Fuente graduated from Georgetown University in 1998 with a PhD in Spanish and Second Language Acquisition. She is currently an Associate Professor of Spanish at George Washington University, and has taught at Georgetown University, Duke University, and Vanderbilt University. Her research interests include the role of interaction in second/foreign language (L2) vocabulary acquisition, and the role of emerging technologies in language learning. The results of her research in these areas have appeared in refereed journals such as Studies in Second Language Acquisition, Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), and Language Teaching Research. Her current research focuses on the construct of task-based language learning. Prof. de la Fuente was the recipient of a 2008 Bender Teaching Award.