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The Go-To Expert

The Go-To Expert

How to Grow Your Reputation, Differentiate Yourself From the Competition and Win New Business

Heather Townsend, Jon Baker

Feb 2014, Paperback, 304 pages
ISBN13: 9781292014913
ISBN10: 1292014911
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“Differentiating yourself from your peers is the challenge that every professional faces. This book gives you the clarity, process and confidence to make yourself stand out in a crowded market place.”

Toni Hunter, Partner, George Hay Chartered Accountants

“This easy-to-read book shows you how to build a firm foundation to win business regularly from your network. Highly recommended for any corporate professional or small business owner.”

Charlie Lawson, National Director, BNI UK & Ireland

The Go-To Expert provides no-nonsense advice on managing your transition into a well-known and trusted name within your industry.


  • Simple steps to build your profile
  • How to market and sell yourself with ease and confidence
  • Techniques to make your clients come to you

“If you want to move your career on, shifting from being just another professional advisor to being truly recognised as a go-to expert, this book will show you the way.”

Richard Newton, award-winning author of The Management Book

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Part 1: Determining what your thing is

Chapter 1: Why do you want to become the Go-To-Expert?

What are your reasons for wanting to become the Go-To-Expert?

The importance of setting goals

Getting started on your journey to become the Go-To-Expert

Chapter 2: What is going to be your thing?

What do we mean by a niche?

The importance of being committed to your niche

Why professionals resist adopting a niche?

How to find your niche

Deciding on your niche

Part 2: Packaging your brand

Chapter 3: How to make your services irresistible to clients

What you need to know about your niche to build a successful marketing plan

Deciding what services to offer

Your sound bite

How to package up your services

How to differentiate yourself from your colleagues and competitors in the eyes of your niche market

Removing the risk for your clients

Chapter 4: How to craft the right impression

Your personal marketing toolkit

How to dress the part

Social media etiquette

Chapter 5: How to use your content to reinforce your expertise

What is meant by valuable content?

The three ways to create your content

What is a content plan?

Questions to ask before writing a content plan

Planning your business development content

Tips to save time producing and sharing content

The how, what, when and why of blogging

Part 3: How to build your visibility and profile to generate high-quality, warm leads

Chapter 6: Networking your way to success

Why build your network and community?

How to build your own personal networking strategy

How to generate referrals via your network

Your networking routine

Chapter 7: Publishing your way to success

The benefits of writing a business book

The challenges of writing a business book

The five steps to writing and successfully marketing your book

How to decide whether to go published or self-published

Chapter 8: Speaking your way to success

Why you need to add speaking to your marketing mix

The difference between ‘public speaking’ and ‘presenting’

How to design a speech that helps you achieve your objectives

How to deliver a speech with impact

How to conquer your nerves

What should be included in your speaker kit?

How to successfully secure speaking engagements

Chapter 9: Using PR to open doors

The different types of PR available to you

What the media is looking for

How to organise your PR campaign

How to successfully pitch your article to the media

What a press release is and why you need it

How to get yourself regularly called by journalists

How to get yourself on TV or radio or have your own column

Monitoring your media coverage

How to use PR to win business

Should you do it yourself or employ a PR professional?

Chapter 10: Successful seminar selling

How events help you generate more leads

The different types of events available to you

The key stages in planning, marketing and running an event

Part 4: Turning leads into clients

Chapter 11: Managing your sales pipeline

Building your tactical marketing plan

How to spot a potential lead

What is my sales pipeline?

How to follow up with a lead without being pushy

How to get a face-to-face meeting with your prospect

Proactively warming up prospects in your network

The importance of keeping in touch with prospects and past clients

Chapter 12: Honing your selling skills

How to qualify a Lead

How to structure and run a sales meeting

The difference between features and benefits

What to do if you are faced with difficult questions from your lead

Tips to help you write a winning proposal

How to win a competitive pitch

Part 5: The business of your brand

Chapter 13: Curing the growing pains

Managing growth

The five phases of client portfolio growth

Chapter 14: How to build your team

How to build and develop a team

What motivates people

How to give effective feedback

What is SBO?

How to receive feedback

Setting goals and objectives

Why you need a support community

Who you need in your support community

Chapter 15: How to keep your knowledge fresh

How people learn and develop new skills and behaviours

Stages of your development

The importance of playing to your strengths

How to identify gaps in your skill base

How to keep your knowledge up to date

Chapter 16: Building your plan and making it happen

How to build your one-page business plan

Your next steps


Heather Townsend helps professionals become the Go-To-Expert. She is the author of The FT Guide To Business Networking and a high profile member of the professional services industry. Heather has worked with over 300 partners, coached, trained and mentored over 2000 professionals at every level of the UK’s most ambitious professional practices. She is a regular speaker and writer for the trade press.

Jon Baker has 25 years experience of managing, training & coaching in business. He is an in demand speaker, social media and sales trainer (Jon is a member of the professional speaker’s association). In the last 7 years he has coached hundreds of Business owners, helping to grow their firms by more than 63%. He has also had blue chip clients; including BP, Total, and Feel Good Drinks.