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Campbell Essential Biology 5th Edition: Pearson New International Edition

Campbell Essential Biology 5th Edition: Pearson New International Edition

5th Edition

Eric Simon, Jean Dickey, Jane Reece

Jul 2013, Paperback, 544 pages
ISBN: 9781292026282
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Were you looking for the book with access to MasteringBiology? This product is the book alone, and does NOT come with access to MasteringBiology. Buy the book and access card package to save money on this resource.

Campbell Essential Biology, Fifth Edition, makes biology irresistibly interesting for non-majors biology students. This best-selling book, known for its scientific accuracy and currency, makes biology relevant and approachable with increased use of analogies, real world examples, more conversational language, and intriguing questions.

Campbell Essential Biology… make biology irresistibly interesting.

This package contains:

  • Campbell Essential Biology, Fifth Edition

1. Introduction: Biology Today

2. Essential Chemistry for Biology
3. The Molecules of Life
4. A Tour of the Cell
5. The Working Cell
6. Cellular Respiration: Obtaining Energy from Food
7. Photosynthesis: Using Light to Make Food

8. Cellular Reproduction: Cells from Cells
9. Patterns of Inheritance
10. The Structure and Function of DNA
11. How Genes Are Controlled
12. DNA Technology

13. How Populations Evolve
14. How Biological Diversity Evolves
15. The Evolution of Microbial Life
16. Plants, Fungi, and the Move onto Land
17. The Evolution of Animals

18. An Introduction to Ecology and the Biosphere
19. Population Ecology
20. Communities and Ecosystems

  • Chapter threads weave a single compelling topic throughout each chapter to keep students engaged. High-interest chapter thread topics like cancer, DNA profiling, or Green Energy interlace the Biology and Society, Process of Science, and Evolution Connection features of every chapter.
  • Designed to promote learning. Students never have to search for or flip pages to find the images and figures referenced in the text.
  • Unique Visual Organizers help students see similarities and differences at a glance.
  • Unique Chapter Reviews contain art created specifically for visualizing the main take-home concepts.

Campbell Essential Biology… make biology irresistibly interesting.

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