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Play for Scala:Covers Play 2

Play for Scala:Covers Play 2

Peter Hilton, Erik Bakker, Francisco Canedo

Oct 2013, Paperback
ISBN13: 9781617290794
ISBN10: 1617290793
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Scala has established itself as a viable alternative to Java, and powerful new tools make it easier than ever to get started. Play 2 is an open source web framework for building browser-based applications in Scala. It takes advantage of Scala's strong type system to give high-performance, bug-free code. Because it's event-based and non-blocking, it's a great choice for near real time applications. And it makes use of the web's stateless nature to offer excellent scalability and flexibility.

Play for Scala shows how to build Scala-based web applications using the Play 2 framework. It starts by introducing Play! through a comprehensive overview example. Then, it looks at each facet of a typical Play application, both by exploring simple code snippets and by adding to a larger running example.
  • Covers easiest way to build real-world web applications
  • Shows how to take advantage of latest technologies
  • Teaches how to build more robust software

Written for programmers familiar with Scala and web-based application architecture. No previous experience with Play required.

Play 2.0 is open-source software that makes it possible for programmers to use the Scala programming language to write software applications and web sites that run in a web browser.

Peter Hilton is a senior solution architect at Lunatech Research in the Netherlands and a committer on the Play framework.

Erik Bakker, also at Lunatech, is a Play module contributor and regularly writes and presents about Play.

Francisco Canedo joined Lunatech in 2005 and has been focused on Scala and Play for the past 2 years.