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The Financial Times Guide to Wealth Management

The Financial Times Guide to Wealth Management

How to plan, invest and protect your financial assets
2nd Edition

Jason Butler

Nov 2014, Paperback, 544 pages
ISBN13: 9781292004693
ISBN10: 129200469X
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The Financial Times Guide to Wealth Management is your comprehensive guide to achieving financial security and stability by planning, preserving and enhancing your wealth. As well as being fully updated throughout, it includes five new chapters on socially responsible and impact investing; property, land and woodlands; single premium investment bonds; non-trust structures and young people and money.

Whether you’re a beginner wanting an introduction to financial planning or an experienced investor looking to pass your wealth on to others, this is the book for you. Drawing on his 25 years’ experience as a financial adviser to successful families, and written in clear and concise language, Jason Butler will give you both the understanding and confidence you need to make successful financial decisions, enabling you to:

- Define your life goals and financial personality so that you can build an effective wealth plan

- Navigate the maze of investment options and choose the best one for your needs

- Understand when and how to get professional help which delivers value

- Clarify the need for and role of insurance, tax structures, pensions and trusts

- Develop a wealth succession plan which matches your values and preferences


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PART 1 Wealth planning

1 Know where you are going and why

2. Financial personality and behaviour

3 The power of a plan

4 The role of guidance and advice

PART 2 Wealth preservation

5 Investment principles

6 The investment building blocks

7 Socially responsible and impact investing

8 Alternative investments

9 Property, land and woodland

10 Active or passive?

11 Options for investing

12 Other investment consideration

13 The role of insurance

PART 3 Wealth enhancement

14 General tax planning

15 Single premium investment bonds

16. Minimising portfolio taxation

17 State and private pensions

18 Managing your pension portfolio

PART 4 Wealth transfer and succession

19 Later life planning

20 Wealth succession

21 Using trusts

22 Non-trust structures

23 Young people and money

24 Philanthropy

25 No regrets

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Jason Butler is the founder and senior partner of the award winning Bloomsbury Financial Planning - a referral-only wealth management company. His recent awards include Money Management Financial Planner of the Year and Money Management Estate Planner of the Year. He is a regular writer for the Financial Times, The Schmidt Report and The Chief Executive, and often speaks at events.

"Few books have its clarity and none its scope. It simplifies complex issues and shows you not only how to make your money work for you and your family but also how to enjoy it.’'

David Kilshaw, Private Client Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

A brilliant book, written in an accessible manner to help you understand the importance of life goals and values in the wealth management process. It is the best book I have ever come across on wealth management.”

Dr Lien Luu, Senior Lecturer in Financial Services, Northampton Business School & Certified & Chartered Financial Planner

Many people’s lives would be significantly enhanced by having a great relationship with a financial adviser. Jason’s impeccably researched guide is an insight into how the best financial advisers do business and could help you re-evaluate your relationship with your money.”

David Jones, Head of Financial Adviser Services EMEA, Dimensional Fund Advisors

This book, from one of the UK’s leading Financial Planners, provides the essential knowledge that investors need to help them think about and plan for their financial future

Steve Gazzard CFPCM, Chief Executive, Institute of Financial Planning

“A practical, easy-to-read guide that provides a framework to help us all achieve our financial goals. This book is essential reading for investors.

Cynthia Poole, Director, Raymond James Investment Services