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Persuasion 4th edn

Persuasion 4th edn

The art of influencing people
4th Edition

James Borg

Aug 2013, Paperback, 320 pages
ISBN13: 9781292004495
ISBN10: 1292004495
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It pays to be persuasive.

From senior managers to new-starters in business; at home, in the office and in the boardroom the ability to confidently motivate, influence and convince others offers a competitive edge that can really set you apart and help you get what you want.

Learn the power of words; how to be an effective listener; how to develop and enhance your memory; how to control the attention of others and how to read body language and other non-verbal signs.

Persuasion will boost your persuasive and intuitive skills to amazing new levels and will help you achieve more in every area of your life.


Publisher's acknowledgements


1. The power of persuasion

2. Being a good listener

3. Attention please

4. Mind your body language

5. Memory magic

6. Make words work for you - the power of psycholinguistics

7. Telephone telepathy

8. Negotiating for mutual benefit

9. 'Difficult' people (and their behaviour)

10. The personality spectrum




James Borg spends part of his working time as a business consultant and
coach and also conducts personal development and business skills
workshops covering memory improvement, persuasion, body language
awareness and ‘mind control’.

With a profound interest in the workings of the human mind, he
developed memory techniques at an early age which eventually
established him as a ‘memory expert’. After becoming interested in magic, he later
specialised and performed in the branch of the art known as ‘mind
magic’. .

Influenced by an academic background in economics and psychology,
he’s spent a lifetime observing the ‘mind-body’ connection and went on
to study the various mind ‘therapies’ which result in thinking and
behavioural change in a person’s personal and working life.

His knowledge was honed in a career that spans the spectrum of
advertising, sales, marketing, work psychology, training and
journalism. He appears on BBC radio and contributes to national
newspapers and magazines on the subject of consumer affairs, body
language and business and communication skills. In 2009 he was chosen
as a Harvard Business Review contributor. He still finds time to pursue
occasional travel and sports journalism which he became involved with
early on in his career.

He is the author of the 'trilogy' comprising of the Number 1
international bestseller Persuasion , the award-winning bestseller Body
Language and Mind Power which have all been translated into multiple
languages across the globe.