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The One Page CV

The One Page CV

Create your own high impact CV. Clever, clear, and comprehensive. Get noticed and beat the competition.

Paul Hichens

Oct 2013, Paperback, 240 pages
ISBN13: 9781292001470
ISBN10: 129200147X
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Say less and stand out more.

About six seconds – that’s how long your CV will be considered before it’s consigned to the bin forever. If you don’t grab attention quickly, you’ll be rejected without a second thought.

Your CV must be high impact, concise and optimised if it’s to do its job, and The One Page CV shows you exactly how to do it.

It’s proven to work.

It’s tried and tested.

It’s written by an expert.

· Avoid the pitfalls that your competition will be making

· Transform your CV into a targeted, high-impact, job-winning tool

· Spotlight your professional skills, qualifications and experience

· Write smartly and persuasively so recruiters want to read your CV

Remember – you’ve got six seconds. That’s all. Why waste it?


About the author: a mini CV of sorts ...


The best CV you’ll ever write

1 CV overview

CV writing in perspective

2 CV templates, CV examples and sheep
Templates precursor

CV templates and examples

The long and short of er ... CV length among other things
Template sources

3 – Pre-write foresight
Unmasking the unasked
Pre-write foresight action (with hands-on session)

Your new CV canvass

Who are you aiming at?

4 – Unlocking the secrets
Rules v guidelines
Top ten CV tips

Sit (down and think) rep
Dissecting the art of CV writing
Different CV types
Career change CVs
Standard-ish CVs
Personal profiles
Career history – an experience
Short course qualifications

Competencies section – a skill in itself (with hands-on session)
Reviving your CV
Spotting a good CV
Fitting the pieces together
Strengthening your message
Generic v speciality
Reverse generic engineering (with hands-on session)
Adapting to adaptability – job specifications (with hands-on session)
Kiss of life

5 CV writing myths

Size matters – length
The truth about lies – CV (un)truths

Poor form format
Let me qualify that – your qualifications
Off the mark – grades (with hands-on session)
A structured approach – format
(Un)kind candid camera – photographs
The devil's in the detail – personal information
Golden (and golden oldie) ages

Pride and prejudice – names
Great expectations – salary
To whom it may concern – references
Hobby horses (for courses) – interests
Stating the obvious – objectives

Traits that grate – personality
Out of (job) order

Brief aside for some tips...

Back to the myths

Firm objections – company profiles

Order disorder – section positioning

If it’s possibly broke, maybe think bespoke
Questionable advice – recruiters

6 – The most asked CV questions and some you hadn't thought about

CV questions and answers

7 – Develop your CV writing skills
Writing what is relevant (with hands-on session)

Writing concisely (with hands-on session)

Writing even more concisely (with hands-on session)
Writing proactively (with hands-on session)
Writing flexibly

8 – CV speak laying it out

9 - Cover letters
Cover story


Contact and further help


Paul Hichens is the head writer at one of the UK’s leading CV consultants. He has developed his approach to the one-page CV by employing well recognized and highly successful sales and marketing principles. His client base spans the globe and he’s well recognised in the media as a CV expert.

'Nothing stands out like a one-page CV, and no CV book shines like this one.'

Clare O'Sullivan, Head of nurtureHR – HR Consultancy and Corporate Coaching

'Informative, incisive and exceptionally engaging.'

Roland Gulliver, Edinburgh Book Festival

'The CV world is full of amateurs masquerading as experts. If there is one real deal it is Paul Hichens. No one but no one knows CVs, writes CVs, or writes about them quite like Paul.'

Steven Tucker, Director, CV Template Ltd