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Math Study Skills

Math Study Skills

2nd Edition

Alan Bass

Feb 2013, Paperback, 96 pages
ISBN13: 9780321893079
ISBN10: 0321893077
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Math Study Skills outlines good study habits and provides students with study strategies and tips to improve in areas such as time management, organization, and test-taking skills. With a friendly and relatable voice, Alan Bass addresses the misgivings and challenges many students face in a math class, and offers techniques to improve their study skills, as well as opportunities to practice and assess these techniques. This math study skills workbook is short enough to be used as a supplement in a math course, but can also be used as a main text in a study skills class.


1. Introduction

2. What Makes Math Different?

3. Motivation and Achieving Goals

4. Time Management

5. Math Anxiety

6. Learning Styles

7. Organization

8. Your Textbook and Homework

9. Class Time and Note Taking

10. Retention and General Study Strategies

11. Test Taking

  • The focus on relevance and results gives students tangible skills and techniques on topics they need to be successful in math.
  • A concerted effort to keep the workbook short and concise has been made, making it easy to incorporate as a supplement to a math course. But it also contains enough content that it could be used as a main text in a study skills course.
  • The casual, engaging writing style is friendly and honest, putting students at ease while discussing topics that might otherwise cause them anxiety.
  • Exercises have been included to create an interactive environment for students to immediately apply the skills they are learning, and discover which techniques will be most beneficial to them.