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Statistics for Managers using MS Excel, Global Edition

Statistics for Managers using MS Excel, Global Edition

7th Edition

David Levine, David Stephan, Kathryn Szabat

Mar 2013, Paperback, 792 pages
ISBN13: 9780273787112
ISBN10: 027378711X
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For undergraduate Business Statistics Courses.

This Global Edition has been edited to include enhancements making it more relevant to students outside the United States

Analyze the data, see the business relevance.

Reducing the emphasis on doing computations, this practical text thoroughly integrates Microsoft® Excel as a tool for analysis and presents statistical concepts in the context of the functional areas of business.

Let’s Get Started: Big Things to Know First

1. Defining and Collecting Data

2. Organizing and Visualizing Data

3. Numerical Descriptive Measures

4. Basic Probability

5. Discrete Probability Distributions

6. The Normal Distribution and Other Continuous Distributions

7. Sampling Distributions

8. Confidence Interval Estimation

9. Fundamentals of Hypothesis Testing: One Sample Tests

10. Two-Sample Tests

11. Analysis of Variance

12. Chi-Square and Nonparametric Tests

13. Simple Linear Regression

14. Introduction to Multiple Regression

15. Multiple Regression Model Building

16. Time-Series Forecasting

17. A Roadmap for Analyzing Data

18. Statistical Applications in Quality Management (online)

19. Decision Making